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1216024 No.37223  
Hello bun.
I have just finished watching Welcome to N.H.K.
I have loved the characters as they are more relatable then the animes I had watched up till now. I want to know if are there any such anime/manga/franchise that have characters with "problems".

One other thing is that I came to realization that there exist a great deal of NEETs after watching the series and reading this survey here:>>12738
Mind you, I knew about the hikikomori condition but it never occurred to me that they are quite the population. I suspect that the demographic is around 18-26, people who should be in the college or on the verge of having a job defined by their degrees or abilities. Being on the same demographic, I sometimes feel like turning into one. I never do.

I want to know if there are any of you who "was" in there.
Any theories as to the cause and cure?
Are those people "content" with what they have?
>> No.37224  
>I want to know if are there any such anime/manga/franchise that have characters with "problems".
Neon Genesis Evangelion is the first thing to comes to mind. Everyone in it has got issues.
>> No.37226  
Please note that NEET != Hikikomori. Satou is a hikikomori NEET, the people filling in the survey are only NEETs; they don't have severe social problems like Satou but just don't have a job or education.

>I want to know if are there any such anime/manga/franchise that have characters with "problems".
There are plenty of anime with characters with issues, but there are none similar to Welcome the NHK.
>> No.37229  
My cousin's a NEET. I'm not sure of his reasons, but it's probably something that would qualify him as a hikikomori. As of now, he's isolated himself from everyone outside his nuclear family, won't go out of the house, answer the phone or even the door if someone was there to see him. Sometimes I think the only thing that keeps him alive is his bond with his younger brother. Even though he's several years younger, he seems to understand his older brother's situation enough to not question his lack of interaction with the outside world, and is simply there for him. The one time my cousin gave college a try (for a couple of weeks at least), they'd phone each other between classes just to say hi. I guess it made my NEET cousin feel less anxious.

I wish there was something I could do. We used to be very close as kids, but we haven't really talked in years.
>> No.37232  
I had a pretty long spell of isolation, but I'm out of that now. I care much less about what people think of me now, and I've got a better self-image. Still no job, but I'm working on that right now. In fact, I'm going to an interview today. But I can relate to Satou, because I used to be like him, and in some ways I still am.
>> No.37233  

Good luck with the interview!
>> No.37243  
Thanks. I don't think I'm getting the job, but you never know. And it's not really a job I want anyway... just until something better comes up.
>> No.37244  
>>37224 I hear you. That is also why I loved Evangelion, all of that mecha was cool too, but the real deal was that they were all struggling with their identities. Even though I prefer animes with older characters evangelion had them younger but mature, or in the process of maturing.

>>37243, >>37232 I hope you did good with the interview. One step at a time. Also, what drove you into it?
>> No.37245  
The interview went fine, the problem was I don't have any experience in the field I was applying for (retail sales). It's also a shop at an upscale mall, so I'd have to deal with rich people all the time, and I've never done that either. But honestly I just need the money while I look for a real job. A lot of stores are currently hiring seasonal temp workers to stay on the next two months.
>> No.37283  
Good for you!
I might get a job soon if I'm lucky, also in retail. The human resources dude said he would check if anybody needed help, probably a good sign, hopefully they're not fully staffed...
>> No.37408  
I'm actually kind of like this with my sister.

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