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File: 470edd420d9aae2acf289c591018c0a3379fbd31.jpg -(137.1 KB, 975x1062) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
140415 No.38227  
Is anyone on /bun/ going to be playing TOR over Christmas?
My copy shipped earlier today and I want to know if there's a specific server I should roll up on.
>> No.38272  
I'll be playing at some point, but I'm an extremely antisocial MMO player so I'm not sure why I'm posting in this thread. I'll probably focus on Trooper at first, since I really enjoyed the feel of that class.
>> No.38293  
If any Eurobuns are playing, I rolled up on Luka Sene.
>> No.38295  
I started playing this last night. I've hit level four, but I'm not Sure whAt I thinK aboUt the game so far. The gRaphics Aren't great, the gameplay and structure is mostly similar to WoW, and I'm not sure it does anything that exciting. I'm not disliking it but, it seems kind of lackluster for a game with a reported 135 million dollar dev cost.
>> No.38298  
I know it's not Shakespeare or anything, but I don't think you're giving the story enough credit. I was highly sceptical of the whole 'story-driven' angle they were going for, but have been surprised by how well it works. It really feels like you're playing a new KOTOR game rather than some generic WoW-clone; little things like how all of the KILL X MOBS quests are now bonus missions rather than NPC-given quests, the way they've handled companions and the implementation of the dialogue wheel make the game feel far less like an MMO than I thought possible.
>> No.38309  
I'm not saying it is bad or anything, don't get me wrong, I am enjoying it. But I mean, WoW is a 7 year old game, maybe I'm being naive, but I was hoping for a little more evolution on the genre.
>> No.38312  
MMOs evolve in the same way as genres such as fighters, racers, VNs and sports games. That is to say, they don't.
>> No.38321  
If you want evolution, hold out for GW2. In the meantime, TERA might come out so we can all be elin lolis with uguu baraka.

MMORPGs have devolved so that every casual can have fun without putting in the effort of an actual person.
>> No.38322  
I must be pretty casual then, because I'm loving the shit out of TOR.

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