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File: Index_v12_101.jpg -(305.4 KB, 1200x1765) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
312749 No.39455  
Anyone else a fan of the Index series? I just started them recently and I'm currently on the 12th book and I'm really enjoying these, it has fun likeable characters with enjoyable battles.
>> No.39456  
Yes. I am a big fan. It is my second favourite series of all time. I'm surprised someone who is not me made this thread here.

Anyway, Misaka is my waifu.
>> No.39459  
File: yahari2.jpg -(59.6 KB, 520x287) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
I would probably like Index if I read it, but I find the number of volumes quite daunting.

I hope to finish the first volume of Yahari Ore no Seishun Rabucome wa Machigatteiru this weekend. It is definitely in the "zannen love comedy" category, so if you like those then I recommend checking it out. To make the inevitable comparison to haganai, I would say it is more self-aware/self-referential than haganai -- at least I noticed more jabs at the fourth wall. The protagonist is more gruff than others I've encountered, less prone to the caring, heartfelt monologues and more to tsundere-like behavior. I find his twisted, overly-cynical trains of thought to be quite amusing, but I can see how another might find them obnoxious.
>> No.39484  
Index is pretty mediocre, actually. Typical for the genre.
I'm surprised it has so many fans.
>> No.39486  
Please do not troll friend. Just because you do not like something does not make it mediocre. It is popular because it has an excellent cast of characters and a strong setting.
>> No.39487  
What is your number one?
>> No.39489  
At least he isn't samefagging.
>> No.39491  

I would like to start reading this, but I think they're not translated yet. If you're reading it in English, can you link me to your provider?
Also, I loved to read discussion topics on it some months ago, and I remember thinking that the universe probably had some sort of dark, malicious undertone to it. However, the first 4 episodes of Railgun was just cute girls doing cute, and sometimes lesbian things. How is it tonally?
>> No.39494  
The light novels are translated here http://www.baka-tsuki.org/project/index.php?title=Toaru_Majutsu_no_Index

And Railgun is more lighthearted than index. With the Railgun anime being much more lighthearted than the manga.
>> No.39496  
>With the Railgun anime being much more lighthearted than the manga.
Tangent, but I was pretty upset about how they handled this conversion (though it seems to have been good for business). I really enjoyed the Railgun manga because underneath the silliness (which decreased with each volume) the girls were all dead serious about what they were doing and were damn dogged about whatever they set their minds to.

>And Railgun is more lighthearted than index
Really? In terms of inclusion of comedy to break up the "serious business", or in terms of how positive the outcome of a given altercation is?
>> No.39499  
Well, the next season of the anime should be a bit more serious, with the accelerator arc.

Well, Index has plenty of comedy in it too. But I feel the story arcs are usually more serious.

In Railgun it was half the time these middle school girls playing detective. Like the part where they are trying to find the girl that is drawing silly eyebrows or whatever. The Railgun anime also has plenty of anime original content, while the Index anime doesn't.
>> No.39501  
Ah, I should have specified -- I was inquiring about Railgun manga vs Index. I [rage]dropped the Railgun anime pretty early on.
>> No.39502  
I feel it's kind of hard to compare the Railgun manga to Index at the moment. There isn't exactly a ton of content, and there are only a couple story arcs. I think thus far they are kind of the same in terms of seriousness, if we are just looking at the two main arcs that have happened so far in the Railgun manga.
>> No.39506  
Well that's as much of an answer as I expected, since you're right about the vast disparity in quantity. Thanks.
>> No.39513  
File: ln.jpg -(356.2 KB, 1032x759) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
I don't actually go through LNs very quickly, but I'm a compulsive book-buyer. Currently waffling over what to start next, the picture has the volumes I'm somewhat interested in tackling. It'll probably be either Bakemonogatari, Nareru!SE, or .(period) unless anyone has a strong recommendation to sway my attention elsewhere.
>> No.39615  
Inspired by this thread (and the replacement of my late Kindle) I decided to download some LNs, although not too much of what I want has been translated. The Kindle is really great for reading LNs, so I'm thinking of just getting everything Index.

I got:

- Baccano! (Alice in Jails - Prison Episode & Children of Bottle) (Already read Drugs and the Dominos, it was great)
- Baka to Test! 3, 3.5, 7, 7.5, 8
- Black Lagoon - Shaitane Badi (Urobuchi Gen's fanfic about Chang and Balalaïka, I think)
- Durarara!! 4-6
- Kara no Kyoukai 1-4/5 (intermission)
- Kizumonogatari
- Haruhi 1-8


Baccano! light novels are very good. Much better and tighter than the anime.
>> No.40108  

Ok, so while slowly working my way through this list I start to regret that I did not try to learn Japanese properly when I was a young weeaboo. Anyway,

- Children of Bottle was great, with a couple of wonderful moments the anime probably couldn't have captured.

- The first Index book was surprisingly good, but the weird thing is that the character stuff with Index was the most fun. Fighting was eh.

- Baka to Test 3 and 3,5 were good, but I had already seen that stuff in the anime, and with added blushing. Still great fun, though. The LN illustrator actually makes Himeji cute. Reading 7 now, and I've laughed. Several times. I like that.

- Shaitane Badi was brilliant. I wish Urobuchi would just start writing novels, because this was just as if not more genius than the original manga. The characters and setting are all extremely well handled, the plot flows very nicely, the action scenes are paced well, and of course, Urobuchi has a raging boner for Chang and Hotel Moscow in general. Which is good, because they are fantastic, and even the previously (mostly) unimpressive Chang was given a great deal of mystique, while still being fleshed out. He was a little overshadowed, though, by the Russians. Oh, those Russians. This book had some very fine moments where I was both chilled and humoured. Please read it if you like Black Lagoon.
>> No.40115  
Yea my favourite thing about Index is the cast of characters. Though I feel there are too many now.
>> No.43531  
Index is so strange. Every time I finish a book I think "wow, that was pretty exciting, now I'm never going to read another one of these again."

It's sort of the same thing with Baccano!, but that's mostly because I have to navigate them by title, and because number 7 (or whatever) isn't translated. Stupid light novels.

Also, "Strike Witches: Miso Soup Squadron" was pretty damn fun. It was really fluffy, but still fun.
>> No.43536  
Index is very poorly written, but to be honest with you, I've never read a particularly well written "light novel". I'd call stuff like Haruhi, Spicy Wolf, and Fate/Zero guilty pleasures at best, and Index isn't even close to that level.

I didn't even think they were particularly exciting, but yeah. I think it's the format in general that makes it hard to be in the mood for more.
>> No.43556  
Dammnit, nine months later and I've only read two of the things in this picture.
>> No.43566  
You should at least read the Wind-Up Bird Chronicle, that one's pretty good.
>> No.43602  
I haven't even looked inside yet - I'm still a bit intimidated by anything without pictures (this is relatively illogical, I know). I really only bought a physical copy so it could sit there on my shelf and pressure me into trying harder. I did read some of "Lexington Ghosts" though, and it wasn't as difficult as I thought it'd be, so maybe I'll have a look after I finish what I'm currently working on.

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