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File: ZUN his beer and his wife.jpg -(75.0 KB, 700x470) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
76763 No.39838  
So, ZUN got married.


He can't attend Reitaisai because of his marriage.

"Thank you. I will be putting in adequate amount of work, as I have been doing all along."

His wife's pretty cute.
>> No.39839  
Time to visit /jp/ to read their reactions.
>> No.39840  
I don't like change. I don't support his marriage. In fact, I'm going to complain to him about it.
>> No.39841  
>ZUN and his beer-wife
Joking aside, I thought he already was married and had children for some reason. Well whatever, good for him, I guess.
>> No.39844  
>Time to visit /jp/

no dont!
>> No.39848  
>His wife's pretty cute.
we don't know who she is.. yet..
the girl in that pic is definitively someone else.
>> No.39858  
He married Yukari, I just know it.
>> No.39979  
Good for him. Not all otaku types get to do so.
>> No.40008  
I thought he was already married to Aya or something. I'm disappointed.
>> No.40986  
Well, it's RTS9. Happy marriage ZUN.
>> No.44521  

Americans, go get there!
>> No.44522  
>> No.44526  
Has anyone told ZUN that black people should be avoided at all costs and Atlanta is a gigantic nest of them, or is this something that Japanese people are totally ignorant to?
>> No.44531  
I think they're scared of black people.
>> No.44532  

When he saw the convention is in Atlanta, Georgia, he probably started touching up on his russian.
>> No.44539  
Black weeaboos are the nicest kind of black persons, though. The only one that's ever been arrested was done in for acting like an obnoxious pedophile.
>> No.44569  
Why the hell did he get married?

Does he want some stupid bitch to steal all his hard earned Touhou dosh?
>> No.44570  
He already spent his touhou dosh on drinking money, so it's ok.
>> No.44582  
Reported for racism.
>> No.44609  
dw i banned him

- posted from my ipad
>> No.44610  

reported to ZUN, I hope, so he can come to his senses

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