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File: hisuiheadphone.jpg -(208.2 KB, 1112x1328) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
213205 No.42052  
Hey ladies, the feature fairy left some cute flags under /bun/'s pillow. Ayachi, if you want to turn this off, the flag in config is USE_PRETTY_FLAGS (set it to zero).

>> No.42053  
>> No.42054  
>> No.42057  
i live in oregon ,usa

>> No.42058  
hi bun
>> No.42059  
File: 1341565401852.jpg -(412.6 KB, 850x1200) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
>> No.42060  
I disabled the Confederacy because latitude wasn't actually returning the correct numbers from the database. Maybe I'll put in some region-specific stuff (CSA, Texas, Scotland?) tomorrow if I remember, though the regex is going to be huge and inelegant.
>> No.42061  
File: 6c77664a346d2dc9c73f775b073ad9db.jpg -(167.1 KB, 640x480) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
>> No.42063  
i ride polar bear to work and eat sheep's head for breakfast
>> No.42064  
I hunt eskimos for fun, and all the girls are sexy and blonde.
>> No.42065  
Poland why are you upside-down?
>> No.42068  
These new flags are scary.
>> No.42069  
stop copying me, norwegian who is not me

Can you guys make an option to turn this off, anonymity is basically lost now. For me, at least.
>> No.42070  
Hmm... the flags are going to be fun for a bit, but they are gonna end up as an annoyance for me. What's the point of forced anonymity now?
>> No.42071  
My country is the Akzaze Akari of International relations: test.
>> No.42073  
That's what I said. And then jones was like "WHATEVER".
>> No.42074  
I concur.
>> No.42075  
This is not forced anon, Jim.
>> No.42077  
So I'm the only Aussie? Okay.
>> No.42078  
File: 28263114.jpg -(127.8 KB, 450x450) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Why would you guys implement flag when tripcode is banned?
>> No.42079  
Because we are clearly incapable of rational thought.
(no srsly though fuck jones)
>> No.42080  
what is this i dont even
>> No.42081  
This sure brings back some good memories with KC /int/, but what exactly is the point of doing it here?
Although I guess it is kinda interesting to see where everyone's coming from.
>> No.42082  
I've got the wrong flag.

coreans please go
>> No.42083  

Would approve. ~~~NO BIAS ZONE~~~
>> No.42084  
File: 1338869953264.jpg -(204.0 KB, 705x741) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Remember when we had IDs? Let's turn this off, too.
>> No.42085  
What the hell is this? This may not be very problematic for Americans, but people from less common countries pretty much have no anonymity anymore like this. All of my posts can now be grouped together and there's no way to turn it off. I can't freely express myself without people holding my opinions on things from one thread against me in another thread like this, and like with normal forums, I'd have to avoid saying things people will strongly disagree with.

Seriously, this is like you're giving all non-Americans a username. What is the point of an anonymous imageboard if you're not anonymous?
>> No.42086  
I'm not going to pretend that I'm outraged, but I think that this is a pretty dumb idea. Sure, for 4chan or something it would be fine, but for Indonesia bro (upside down Poland), Japan bro, Korea bro, Denmark bro, etc, etc, this is rather unfortunate. Imagine, if someone posted an opinion or an argument, and someone could respond with "well you didn't like Yuru Yuri, so you suck!" It would be terrible.

Remember John Lennon, guys~
>> No.42088  
Just implement it for all the fat amurrikans and chavs. Leave the rest of the world alone.
>> No.42090  

Oh hey, you're that guy who used to post with his name in the subject field even when anonymity was enforced! Kinda funny that you're complaining about being un-anon now you can't turn it off and on at will.
>> No.42092  
Crow here

I disabled them, agreed they don't really fit well in here. I could make some kind of an /int/ ripoff board with them enabled if people want that, but let's bury this cute idea from the current ones.
>> No.42093  
I'm against the idea so long as there's no Scotland flag.
>> No.42094  
The moral of the story is we shouldn't let jones touch /general/.
>> No.42095  
Dammit. I was asleep and missed everything.

An entirely new board isn't really /bun/'s style. A thread or two in photos would be pretty neat.
>> No.42096  
>used to post with his name in the subject field even when anonymity was enforced!
I did it once, to demonstrate that removing the name field does not remove the possibility of naming yourself. I tend to post anonymously where possible 99% of the time, as it's the message that's important, not the person who posts it. I only identify myself when I as a person am relevant to the discussion, such as when the discussion is about something I host or am otherwise associated with.

Well, at least this time we got to keep the existing posts.
>> No.42097  
Aww, I didn't even get to see the cute flags that resulted from the thread. For shame, /bun/.
I knew there would be a bunch of you in butt tears over it, of course, which is why I put disabling instructions in the OP. Remember when the same group of people got buttsad over cute IDs?
You all need to learn to relax and appreciate the cute things.
>> No.42098  
You guys are a bunch of babies. There are only like 6 real posters on /bun/ anyway, it doesn't take long to figure out who is who
>> No.42099  
File: 7e6e93c5ec81cf9e6eb57bf35c6500bc.jpg -(506.6 KB, 1011x1074) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
There are 25 unique IDs in this thread.
>> No.42102  
20 of those are me.
>> No.42103  
And the other 20 are me.
Sorry, >>42099.
>> No.42104  
Man, this gives me all kinds of other great pseudonymity feature ideas that would make a couple of you angry and scared. Imagine if the thread OP had (oneesama) after all of her posts and other posters had (soeur)!
>> No.42107  
File: SeiXShimako.jpg -(110.6 KB, 432x610) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
No you aren't, there's five or six of us, if memory serves.

>Imagine if the thread OP had (oneesama) after all of her posts and other posters had (soeur)

I'm down with that
>> No.42109  
File: Koala.jpg -(762.5 KB, 1024x768) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
>> No.42110  
I didn't get to see them, how sad.
>> No.42111  
Same here, I'm all sad too.
Couldn't you just implement it in a single thread or something? That way you could show off your hipster flag if you wanted.
>> No.42112  
File: bald_eagle_head_and_american_flag1.jpg -(166.2 KB, 1594x1196) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Bring back the flags!

>> No.42136  
Multiple soeurs? How lewd.
>> No.42154  
it's called a grand soeur, you philistine

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