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File: efc0103b4d72358895837c6c631ac4d1.jpeg -(131.2 KB, 700x525) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
134377 No.50310  
Welcome back, Doodle! With the release of 4U and actually decent public servers, it's time to revive the Monhan thread. If you were thinking about picking this game up I'd thoroughly recommend it, the climbing/leaping mechanics have finally given hunts a third dimension (that doesn't involve agonisingly clunky underwater battles) and the netplay is stable enough for Australia and Europe to hunt without trouble. Anyway..

What are you hunting?
What are you maining?
What HR are you?
>> No.50311  
>What are you hunting?
Just finished farming HR Tetsu for his set, ready to reach G rank now.

>What are you maining?
GS as usual. I heard all the weapons have been improved and if GS is any indication then they're all fun as fuck.

>What HR are you?
Only 4 atm, been working on the caravan more than the online hall.
>> No.50312  
Why is it handheld only?
>> No.50313  
I've only put 10 hours in so far. Just got to Heaven's Mount with the caravan. I'm lucky I had just enough materials for the scylla armorset after the double-scylla quest or I would have had to grind a bit more before beating Gore Magala. I've only been using GS so far but I'm thinking of expanding into other weapons soon. I tried hunting horn and heavy bowgun last time I played and they were both pretty fun.

Because Capcom a shit
>> No.50315  
Where the fuck is my Focus skill goddamn
>> No.50316  
File: 274428843ac592a5941966a948246f04.jpg -(347.3 KB, 600x847) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Hope you like pumpkins.
>> No.50317  
I just beat Pink Rathian, I can't go back to Halloween shit now.
>> No.50318  
>Brute Tigrex and S. Zinogre in the arena
Goddamn that was intense.

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