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43114 No.11870  
How do you NEETs make money online? Are there any easy ways to do it? I don't need a lot, I just need some money to pay for food and internet connection.

Today I registered on inboxdollars and uniqpaid, and now I'm clicking on random offers through Virtual PC. Are they scam sites? They seem alright to me so far, but I guess I will find out for sure when I request payment from them.
>> No.11872  
The profit:effort ratio is nowhere near worth it.
>> No.11876  
>A company is offering me free money in a suspiciously easy way. Is this a scam?
You can answer this one, anon. It's not that hard.
>> No.11878  
If you're looking for e-money, you're probably better off running some niche site and getting money through ads. You won't make very much though unless you're interesting and happen to get a lot of viewers. Most don't.
>> No.11895  
File: 1283085027615.jpg -(399.0 KB, 750x2875) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
There's some strategy to this, to prevent it from looking suspicious, that I didn't delve into. Basically if you end up getting too many ad clicks you should remove some ads. There's like a percentage, I forget what it indicates...or what it's called...but you're supposed to keep it under 10%...and not have it exceed 15%...or something...

I decline to admit where I saw this, but figured you might find it interesting OP.
>> No.11900  
Thanks, I might try it.

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