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413111 No.12533  
I would only utilize my penis as a psuedo tea cosy, bare with me if you will, the mental thought sounds somewhat disgusting but bare with me fellow anonymice.
Indeed, I would J-J-Jam it in! But I wouldn't be able to bring myself to move my hips at all, no, I would only tease Louise slightly, stroking her cheeks untill her already redend cheeks begin to glow with embarssement and joy. With my other hand I'm already reaching down her tiny, slender frame, reaching her twitching Vagoo and gently rubbing away untill she whimpers underneath me.

Then as Saito turns round the corner I acknoweldge the better man.
I have kept the wench warm for you, sire.
I will say, acknoweldging my duties were only to keep Louise real for a real man, a man with a slap that would rival Bright Noa (RIP old friend, RIP). I would watch, pOnOs aching to be with them, screaming out words of encouragement attempting to meld mine into their own.

If I were lucky, Saito would lift her thighs up giving me a full show, and knowing Saito's new found GARness, he would offer to me her rear access port to dock in, as a thank you for reving up the Jail Bait's engines for him.

Saito is a real man! *Tear of joy*
>> No.12537  
Not hot enough to be fapfiction, and not funny enough to be copypasta. What name shall we give this text?
>> No.12538  

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