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File: south-park.jpg -(34.1 KB, 539x398) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
34888 No.12769  
I thought the new racing episode was pretty funny, have you seen it?
>> No.12784  
Got a link to a stream?
>> No.12785  
You can watch it on their website.

>> No.12786  
Not if you're a gaijin
>> No.12788  
What? I'm European and it works for me.
>> No.12789  
It varies per country. I'm Dutch, and I get redirected to the Dutch website where the episode isn't online yet.
>> No.12799  
does not have for Canadians
>> No.13244  
File: South.Park.S14E12.HDTV.XviD-FEVER.avi_snapshot_21.26.png -(172.4 KB, 624x352) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
I can't believe they are now trying to seriously explain why Kenny never dies. Apparently it's a curse, and not just a running gag anymore.
>> No.13248  
Thats stupid. This whole season is stupid. A Jersey Shore episode?? come on, thats low even for south park standards.
>> No.13249  
I haven't liked south park since I was a kid. All I ever is is dumb author tract anymore
>> No.13250  
>> No.20574  
Been watching South Park now that I only have access to an old laptop where I can't download or do anything other than browse, and I think it's pretty amusing. Watched that Jersey Shore episode a couple of days ago and I don't get the hate. I prefer these latest seasons that focus more on making fun of specific things than just on shock value, like they did in the beginning. I didn't like the show back when it started airing, but I think I do now.

And I like Cartman's dub voice than his English voice.
>> No.20580  
Grats on having incredibly terrible taste in television
>> No.20583  
There's no need for you to try to make me feel bad over liking a cartoon you don't like.
>> No.20594  

You are so stupid that I doubt you are even capable of feeling shame anyway
>> No.20596  
Why do you say that?
>> No.20606  

Because you enjoy a show tailor-made for the lowest common denominator?
>> No.20608  
What's wrong with that?
>> No.20633  
South Parks humor is frequently quite clever, though it's a bit hit-or-miss.
I don't understand all the hate either.
>> No.20677  
Calm down, it's an okay cartoon. Go hate on something that's actually bad, like Family Guy or The Simpsons.
>> No.20679  
>South Parks humor is frequently quite clever

Is what a 15 year old libertarian would say
>> No.20680  
I watched the Facebook episode last night, and god it was just like real life. "WHY IS YOUR STATUS SINGLE? WHY DIDN'T YOU ANSWER MY POKE? WE'RE NOT FRIENDS ON FACEBOOK SO WE'RE NOT IN REALITY RIGHT?" I have a friend whose friend's long distance girlfriend told the guy to delete my friend from Facebook because she thought he was bad influence (they go out often so I guess that means less time on the computer to chat with the girl). She didn't talk to him until he did it. Why do some people make such a big deal over that stupid website? It's disgusting.
>> No.20681  

Tell us more about facebook and your facebook friends, we are all really interested
>> No.20684  
Is Facebook also taboo in bunbunmaru? I was just sharing a tale related to the episode.
>> No.20685  

Wow, take it easy
>> No.20686  

I don't know, but if I wanted to hear some idiot ramble about facebook drama I would go to 4chan, where I imagine such things are commonplace
>> No.20687  
I was just sharing something... The episode reminded me of it, and I wanted to share what was on my mind. There's no need to call me an idiot.

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