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208972 No.12968  
I've never played Kingdom Hearts, but does the game ever explain why Final Fantasy characters are living together with Disney characters? It seems like a pretty terrible idea to me.
>> No.46660  
Uhhh it's just a game dude
>> No.46661  
In their universe they're all from the same universe.
>> No.46693  
In my universe they are all queers.
>> No.46694  
In my ideal universe, food is completely digested and the anus' only function is sex.
>> No.46726  
If I may interject for a moment, where do you expect fiber and other excess matter to go? Is it incorporated into our body or perhaps released as sweat? If so we would probably look, feel, even smell quite different both externally and internally to the point of being unrecognizable.

This is the major problem I have with the most common application of multiverse theory and the preachings of people like Michio Kaku. Perhaps I'm just stupid, but I don't see how the existence of infinite universes could somehow forgo the need for logical internal consistency. You can't just imagine a world that's exactly the same as ours except everyone poops marshmallows and say that it possibly exists. In the first place, the exact circumstances for such a universe to come about are impossible without innumerable concessions. How does the complex organic machinery for creating marshmallows as a waste product even come about? Wouldn't expelling massive amounts of sugar from the body create some kind of energy deficit? Would there be new ecosystems that spring from feeding off of this sugary shit? But suppose we wave these problems away. Even then, such a universe would not sustain itself without diverging from our universe to the point where you could not call it "exactly the same except". Wouldn't indoor plumbing need to be different? Would there even be toilets at all? Would eating or living off of your own poop-marshmallows affect the economy at large? If other animals also poop marshmallows, what happens to the manure industry? Is throwing your marshmallow shit at someone still insulting or revolting? What becomes of all shit-related expletives?

This isn't to say that there aren't infinite universes. The truth is nobody knows. But to assert that a universe with obvious logical inconsistencies could possibly exist is like saying you can draw a square circle. It's nonsense.
I'm sorry for this. It's nothing personal.
>> No.46727  
If I may interject for a moment, what you’re referring to as excess matter, is in fact, fiber/excess matter, or as I’ve recently taken to calling it, fiber plus excess matter. Excess matter is not a waste system unto itself, but rather another free component of a fully functioning fiber system made useful by the fiber corelibs, shell utilities and vital system components comprising a full colon as defined by POSIX.

But seriously, the point of "infinite universes" is that if something's infinitesimally improbable to occur, there should still be one such occurrence. The ultimate handwavium.
>> No.46741  
And my point is that people too often confuse infinitesimally improbably with outright impossible. It seriously annoys me when people do things that I don't like and I wish they would stop!

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