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File: shintaro ishihara.jpeg -(122.5 KB, 500x334) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
125455 No.13656  
It's not just about children. We've got homosexuals casually appearing even on television. Japan has become far too untamed. I'll go forward with this with a sense of mission in heart.
>> No.13658  
Good thing nobody is taking him seriously, right?
>> No.13659  
>The Democractic Party of Japan, the largest faction at 52 seats, has yet to announce its stance on the bill, although it did oppose the earlier version of the bill. The 38-seat Liberal Democratic Party and the 23-seat New Komeito Party supported the earlier bill.
>> No.13660  
It's not just Japan. There is a conservative (to the point of fascism some times) turn everywhere in the globe. Pedophiles, terrorists and racists are the new witches. While those three are definitely bad, everyone can easily labeled one of these three in order to shut him up. Censorship and ban of free speech is always done in terms of protecting the children, the nation or the minorities from child abusers, terrorists and hate-speech while at the same time they are actually abusing the children, promote state-terrorism and reverse hate-speech.

Take a look at UK. According to some research the majority of people refuse to assist a child in need in fear that they could be labeled as pedophiles. Teachers at school can't comfort a crying child. Skinship is slowly turning into a taboo. Children are subconsciously 'raped' and brought up into a sensitive-less, fake world.

Take a look at USA and the progressive death of the first amendment. In favor of the state and 'freedom' the freedom of speech (which is the foundation of the state itself) is being abused. We live a new era of McCarthyism where instead of communism we have the terrorism. Personal privacy and freedom of speech are banned in favor of counter-terrorism. The democracy they advertising that they protect is slowly dying by the same people.

Take a look at Germany and the Nazi ban. Even religious symbols as the Swastika are banned. Christians go all the way with counter-hate speech against Islam's hate speech. You can't ban extreme speech without being an extremist yourself. Democracy accepts all voices, even the ones that call for its fall. It sustains itself by proving why its better than the other systems not by silencing the other systems (and turning in progress in one of them).

Rip democracy, hail neo-fascism.
>> No.58427  
File: good listener.jpg -(40.1 KB, 500x413) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
>> No.58428  
"conservatism is causing a witchhunt", says man who labels people with conservative views as fascists
>> No.58429  
Replying to decade old pasta
>> No.58430  
9 years doesn't make a decade
>> No.58440  
How can you come onto an imageboard and defend the guy who got KissxSis canceled?
p.s. this decade old thread forewarned of the doom that was spelled for the likes of nonconformist and slightly suggestive shows like Kissxsis, Green Green and Koi Kaze. anime was sanitized nearly to death over the past decade, like manhattan was in the 1990s

>> No.58441  
Koi Kaze has hardly any fanservice and the 'fucking my little sister' genre is in a better place now than it was a decade ago, PissxSis ran its course and Green Green is utter garbage.
There are just as many pantsutits shows now as there were back in the "golden age" of the 00s, doomposters need to open their eyes.
>> No.58443  
>Green Green
Oh yeah. I remember watching that show, but I can't remember anything about it. Nothing at all. Only that the OP song was slightly catchy.
>> No.58444  
thats completely untrue, anime has almost completely followed the kyoani model of disneyfied pretty looking - but otherwise entirely shallow & content free - garbage.
there is nothing as creative, unusual or adventurous as SEL, koi kaze or charger girl juuuden chan these days, its all just pretty tripe for empty headed wannabes. there is no more forward leaning, inquisitive science ficition, there is just cuties sighing in the club room.
it may well be a dead genre
>> No.58449  
p.s. donate to my anime blog patreon
>> No.58451  
File: 2ef421ac42c24b4deff1a57e3f36b1d3[2].png -(6060.9 KB, 3300x4780) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Even though this reads like bait copypasted from 2011, I'll assume it's real.
Just from last year I was entertained by Sorayori, Yuru Camp, Ameagari, Sunohara, Killing Bites, Hakumei, Hinamatsuri, Umamusume, Last Period, Hataraku, Asobi, Chio-chan, Planet With, and Conception, and there were plenty of other shows that I liked enough to finish but wouldn't recommend. Half of those shows sure as fuck weren't 'disneyfied pretty looking' nor 'shallow & content free - garbage.'
If, as your earlier post seems to imply, you just want to see nudity, "suggestive" and "unsanitized" content, there was shit like Imodake, Uchimaid, Ulysses, Yuuna, Happy Sugar and Oshigoto, not included the faux-outrage bullshit about rape themes in shit like Goblin Slayer and various isekai adaptations.

>it may well be a dead genre
Anime is a medium. You should watch more of it.

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