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I had a dream that I crashed a black dudes appartment looking for gay sex and he was like sure... in a very awkward way. He was fitting up for a party and I could tell he didnt want gay sex but he let me hang around anyway. so after hanging out on his couch he brought some blond girl over and said he was going to fuck her so it was going to be boring for me unless i wanted to watch. She was in the room now so I make the point that I could fuck her really quick first and then be on my way so he went along with it, I was laying down naked and the girl takes off her panties to reveal that she had a dick, and an incredibly lonh one whose condom didnt fit all the way. I was suprised and she was a little embarrased. The black dude looked embarrased too. I said it was okay and would rather be fucked by it and she said okay. So she bent me in but it was difficult fitting inside because we had only the lube on her condom. Before she gave up, and I was fearful she would, I pulled on top of her, and forced it inside of me. After awhile the natural lube kicked inand we finally got some friction going. She was really excited and that excitement created harder and faster convulsions. We switched position and she mounted me on a doggy style. her breasts scraped against my back . The squishly pleasure was sensational. Finally she asked me if i was ready to cum, and started jerking me off. She went in harder and then pulled out before I was funally ready and drenched me in a sea of cum while I came myself.
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