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File: tohnochan.PNG -(211.2 KB, 1179x1670) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
216305 No.13900  
What does /bun/ think of Tohno-chan?
>> No.13901  
>> No.13902  
You're the OP of that thread, aren't you?
>> No.13903  
File: Arihiko.png -(48.4 KB, 220x220) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Dude is kind of creepy sometimes. Ciel senpai acts funny around him, and his little sister is kind of a bitch - she totally hates me for no reason at all. Whenever I tell him about it he just says "it can't be helped."
>> No.13905  
I went there once, checked out /cr/ (creativity) for a while, then left. I think what bothered me most were some of the board divisions--I don't know if they existed back then, but seeing "/so/ - Ronery" and "/mai/ - Waifu" boards turn me away.
>> No.13906  
don't forget /foe/ - touhou.
>> No.13907  
I remember when a few of their lot visited #bun.
They seemed like a decent sort.
>> No.13917  
They are a vital cog in the "imageboards that are not 4chan" machine, and I vist it every day
>> No.13918  
Like >>13905, I visited once, was turned off by the place, and never looked back.
>> No.13921  
That place is probably perfect for most /jp/ers, but I'm just not into the whole ronery/waifu thing.
>> No.13927  
I always thought the whole waifu/ronery thing was just a joke, but they've taken it way too far. I can't tell them that though because I'll just be dismissed as a "normal".
>> No.13930  
That's funny, I always think people like you are joking. You're joking, right?
>> No.13934  

I like how "waifu" was just a dumb /b/ meme from azumanga daioh but fags always get uptight about it and try and attach some deeper meaning to the word.
>> No.13935  
I like how "fag" and "faggot" used to mean "homosexual", and even before that "firewood" or "cigarette", but people always get uptight and attach the words to anyone they dislike.
>> No.13959  
Never heard of it. I don't go to /jp/ anymore, too much drivel. Though bun is pretty boring and dry (i don't view "shitposting" as always bad, cuz it does incite some actual disscussion.) not that i really care though, my intrest in anime and vns and such has waned to a very low level.
>> No.13962  
Don't really like it. Too many boards, so it just isn't the same.

Did so many people really visit /jp/ just for one topic?
>> No.50068  
File: 3946.jpg -(88.2 KB, 800x1280) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

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