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718153 No.13993  
What are /bun/'s thoughts on love?

Do you still hope that one day you will find someone who will love you? Have you concluded it's not worth the trouble? Do you think it's possible to find happiness in 2D love?
>> No.13994  
I think love makes for good fiction, but real love isn't nearly as perfect as fictional love, and is not worth the trouble.
>> No.13995  
File: 1293289728349.jpg -(790.7 KB, 1024x768) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Love sure seems like a nice thing.

I hope to experience it myself someday.
>> No.13997  
I'm too cynical and narcissistic to ever experience love.
I like it in fiction, though.
>> No.14004  
Like >>13997 mentioned, I too am much too cynical for love. But instead of narcissism I hate my body too much to engage in a real relationship...I am one of those sexually troubled folk.

I like it in fiction as well though, especially in books and animu/mangos. Somehow a writer/artist's imagined love scenario is much more enjoyable than watching it done with real people. Maybe because I haven't yet found a drama that perfectly imitates all the cheesiness and cornyness and purity of a mangaka/writer's work.
>> No.14006  
I'd like to find out if mutual real-life love can compare to the beauty of fictional love, which is the most beautiful thing there is. I get the feeling it can't, but I think it would at least be worth giving a chance.

I've only ever really been in love once, and it certainly was a special feeling, one that I would like to experience again and one that made it obvious that all of the feelings I had ever had for girls before or after that were completely superficial. Unfortunately I was too socially retarded to realize at the time that she most likely also had feelings for me, and too much of a coward to act even if I had known. I feel like I lost my only chance because now I'm a just a lolicon who spends his days fapping to eroge, and I doubt any girl could ever love me.

That was kind of a rambling post but to put it simply I'm too much of a romantic to give up on love but also too much of a romantic to probably ever be satisfied by real life love.
>> No.14007  
eh~? you've been in love before? what's it like?
To be honest, if I can find someone to live with who can take it easy with me in typical higher-middle-class living conditions then that'd be enough.
>> No.14008  
Would gender matter?
>> No.14009  
I dunno. Even those requirements right there are up to fluctuating on a whim, though yeah I'd prefer a female.
I guess I'd give living together a try first before anything.
>> No.14010  
I recently started a relationship with someone. After a few bumpy rides, I thought maybe I should stop trying in the love area and enjoy the rest of my life by myself instead. When this person confessed their feelings to me, I did not think much of it, even though I had a (tiny) crush on them. I thought it'd be better not get intimate with someone I was already relatively good friends with, but for some reason I went against my better judgement and started dating.

The relationship used to be quite nice and peaceful. I was able to analyze any new development or problem we bumped into and find a solution calmly, but now I often feel very nervous and my mood can change in a matter of seconds. I try to voice my thoughts and concerns as much as possible, keeping honesty as a high priority, but I guess that makes me feel vulnerable and it's scary.

I don't like imagining a future with this person, because that'd mean I'm picking a life that they might not want to have, but it doesn't mean I'd mind staying with them for as long as I can. I don't like saying "I love you" either, so I don't, but maybe I do love them, I don't know. I wouldn't want to say it if I'm not sure. Love can get complicated sometimes.

Despite all that, being able to hold hands with a special someone is really something else. When I'm not getting crazy anxious trying not to get anxious, it's wonderful, there's flowers and butterflies and all that jazz.

tl;dr feels bad man but feels very good man.
>> No.14011  
>Do you still hope that one day you will find someone who will love you?
Not particularly. I hope one day I find a nice girl who I can idly talk to about many things(I'm one of those "sexually troubled folk", in that I don't really have a sex drive and that might lead to problems) but I don't need to.
>Have you concluded it's not worth the trouble?
I'm satisfied with how things are now.
>Do you think it's possible to find happiness in 2D love?
Yes, I know firsthand.
>> No.14013  
File: tsukasa-big.PNG -(189.6 KB, 390x390) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Love is basically a huge delusion/obsession that makes you strongly want to interact with a certain person, and it fills you with happiness when you do interact with that person. I've always thought it was similar to a drug addiction; as long as you can interact with the person, you remain perfectly happy, but inability to interact with the person is horribly depressing. In general, it completely messes up your behavior so that you can try to interact with that person as much as possible. It feels great, but it's a really dangerous thing emotionally. I've personally experienced it multiple times, and although I once thought I wanted to experience it again, I have concluded that it would be for the best if I were to never fall in love again.

But the inability to interact with the person isn't the most depressing thing about love. It's what happens when it ends. As you are in love with a person, you gain hope that the person might also love you. As time passes, the bubble of hope grows bigger and bigger (the speed of growth depends on how naive you are; I once hit the point where I was almost sure she liked me), until you find out she doesn't love you, and the bubble bursts. Crushed hope is the most depressing thing that exists in life, and is strong enough to send people into depression, despair and even make them commit suicide. If you ever do fall in love, do not get your hopes up too much, it'll just be that more depressing when you get rejected.

Long story short, I've experienced love and think the cons outweigh the pros. It sucks.
>> No.14016  
I'm not sure I've ever been in love, though the one time I might have been, it was in a 2D character.
I was infatuated with this character, and it was diving me absolutely nuts that I couldn't interact with her.
The feelings died away at some point, and after depression and emotional turmoil of all sorts, I have become cynical and apathetic towards a lot of things.

Having a partner to just live with, who has a similar personality, would be nice. We could help each other through the daily hurdles, in a practical way, and pretend to be lovers in front of the family if necessary. We could be bros if need be, but I'm not very social and quickly tire of people. I don't even think gender would matter at all, though having a female counterpart would be more entertaining.
The sad truth is, that if such a person existed, that person would never try to contact me or look for me, because I wouldn't either. Its all just wish thinking.
>> No.14045  
I hate you people
>> No.14046  
This was about four years ago, and I don't think I could have given you a good answer even back then. If love was so easily described I don't think so many artists, writers, and musicians would struggle to capture it in a more material form.

I can see how love can be dangerous to some people in some situations, but I don't think love itself is necessarily dangerous. In my case I actually became a much better person after falling in love, a change that remained even after that love no longer existed.

Drug addiction and abuse may be dangerous, but responsible use of drugs isn't. Though I still don't think the analogy really works.
>> No.14053  
File: 1253659864636.jpg -(167.0 KB, 600x3031) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
>In my case I actually became a much better person after falling in love
Yes, and? I completely changed after the last time I fell in love. But you know why that is?
When people feel down, they start to reevaluate their life. When people's lives are put to a halt in some way (depression is a very common way, but anything that disrupts your life enough works), they start seriously thinking about their lives, and change as a result.
After I got rejected really painfully, I started realizing what kind of a useless, overconfident moron I was at the time. I changed, and now I'm no longer a useless, overconfident moron.

But that doesn't mean love is good because it changed me. It was the fact that it disrupted my life like that that changed me. And having my life disrupted in such a way is not a good thing, even if it has amazingly positive results in hindsight.

People who finally break free from their drug addiction also change radically for the better. But that doesn't mean drug addiction is a good thing.
>> No.14062  
>Yes, and?
I'm offering anecdotal evidence to counter your anecdotal evidence. Love didn't hurt me at all, it only helped me, so I don't see it as something that is dangerous by nature. I'm not trying to invalidate or marginalize your experience, I'm just pointing out that it's not the only way love, even failed love, has to be.
>> No.14063  
I thought I was in love once, but I was wrong.
It does seem like a beautiful thing, though, in the stories. I'd love to experience it someday.

>Love is basically a huge delusion/obsession
No, VDZ, that's called an infatuation. It really makes us think it's the real thing at the time, but it's not. The word "love" invokes an ideal, so quit bringing up physiological attractions.

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