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101206 No.14391  
>Brace yourselves for this one:
>We are currently negotiating an officially licensed release with âge.
>Unfortunately, almost nothing is set in stone yet so I have no details to give out, other than:
>-There will be no partial Sadogashima patch, or any other unofficial patches
>-All ML/MLA patch download links have been disabled
>-We won't be asking for any money in exchange for the translation
>I'll add more once the process really gets going and I have more to say.
>> No.14392  
>Since this misconception seems alarmingly common, worth mentioning:

>age did not contact me. It was my idea, and they liked it.
>> No.14394  
I don't even know what to say anymore.
>> No.14395  
My only concern is that it will delay the main release. Which is a big concern because it could delay it by a lot.
>> No.14396  
I don't understand the logic behind this.
Why translate this much of the game then essentially put it on hiatus while MG and age fuck around sorting out a deal?
And all for no money?

I dun get it.
>> No.14400  
From Ixrec's blog:

>And since many people seem to be asking why I contacted age for a licensing deal: I want the English eroge market to expand by giving games as awesome as MLA (and not mere nukige) a chance to be legally purchased. Of course if there turns out to be no money in it for them or it takes far too long to release then I won’t bother trying this stunt again.
>And the big reason why this particular game is worth a shot: if I can’t get you people to pay money for Muv-Luv fucking Alternative, what the hell will you pay for? (Heck, dozens of anons have already claimed they would be willing to pay) The way I see it, if this doesn’t sell well then it can be justifiably said that there is no English-speaking VN market worth the companies’ time and us fan translators can ignore licensing attempts for the forseeable future without feeling bad about it. And if this does sell well, then I’ll just do it as many times as I can get away with.
>> No.14401  
There isn't a market for English-translated eroge, I could tell him that right now. Even in Japan it's a niche within a niche where business is tough.
>> No.14403  
He might as well try it and watch it fail. That way when people try to bring the topic up for discussion again he can point to this event and say "been there, done that".
>> No.14415  
Personally? I hope the deal fails at the negotiation stage. Only chance of us getting alternative within the year.

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