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File: 1248643150724.png -(111.6 KB, 560x560) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
114232 No.15778  
Is there any way to increase traffic on /bun/? I'd love to move over here permanently but the board is way too slow. On a good day we'll get 30 posts, and on a bad day we'll get 3-5.

We should probably do something about that.
>> No.15779  
none is too many
>> No.15782  
Nope. I don't ever expect /bun/ to grow beyond a supplement to other anonymous imageboards.
>> No.15783  
Inviting more people over at random might also taint the board.
We can only hope that some of the people from /jp/, which have gotten fed up with newfags, mods and whatnot, move over here.
>> No.15785  
If /bun/ makes good threads, then people will look for /bun/.
>> No.15786  
Good as it is.
>> No.15787  
We don't need to increase traffic, we need to get the people who lurk to post more. There's plenty of visitors, just not enough posters.
>> No.15788  
creepy unmoes, in MY obscure imageboard?
It's good to be slow.
>> No.15790  
It isn't good. Imageboards (and all other kinds of internet communities) exist to discuss things. If there is no discussion, that's a bad thing.
>> No.15791  
But we do discuss things.
Just that we talk about it more slowly.
Fast discussion attract those with no attention span anyhow. I vote let's just keep moving at our own pace, take it easy and see how it goes.
>> No.15792  
/bun/ takes it easy.
>> No.15793  
More posters means more shitposters. I cringe whenever I see anyone bring up this place in the daily "/jp/ is so shitty now" threads
>> No.15794  

Seriously. Having a lot of posts usually just means that a lot of people are posting about nothing. A sudden glut of touhou character image dump threads isn't going to make /bun/ better.
>> No.15799  
We have 3 or so active mods right now. Shitposters wouldn't be a problem even if /bun/ reached the size of /jp/, which it probably never will. Going from 15 posts a day to 500 a day wouldn't hurt.

Also, for comparison, /jp/ gets around 4000 posts a day and it isn't a fast board by any means. 500 isn't a lot but it's a huge difference for us and is easily attainable if you don't mind branching out a little bit.
>> No.15801  
b-but I'm scared ;_;
this place is wonderful. I love it. What if...what it turns into something I don't like?
>> No.15803  
Imagine what the world would be like if no one had the courage to change because they feared that things might get worse than the status quo.

Quality does go down once traffic hits a certain point but I don't believe /bun/ is even close to that point yet.
>> No.15808  
File: highly scientific.PNG -(20.5 KB, 465x931) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Quality per post constantly goes down as more posters join. We just need to find an ideal ratio of post quantity : post quality. See picture.
>> No.15809  
File: quality vs quantity.png -(5.8 KB, 477x332) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
I was thinking more in terms of overall board quality vs. number of posters, which I think would look roughly like this but probably with slightly different skew.
>> No.15811  
But I still think that /bun/ needs to be prepared in an event of a mass migration from 4chan. Because there is a good change of that happening with people being spooked about canv.as and the 4chan image servers being down.
>> No.15812  
oh hell yes, I agree with that completely.
Someone was banned on 4chan recently for posting "inane shit".
4chan. banned for inane shit.
Nothing is appearing on the surface yet, but we should strap ourselves in for sure.
That said, we don't need to ACTIVELY seek out new users. If they like this place they'll stay on their own. If we're gonna grow, we're gonna grow no matter what we do. If we ain't gonna grow, promoting is only gonna nail us indecisive cunts who get bored and shit up the board.
>> No.15815  
The OP is wrong. On a bad day bun gets zero posts.
>> No.15817  
>non-antialiased Wildwords

You and me against the world, bro.
>> No.15820  
>the 4chan image servers being down

That happened? I wondered why it was loading so slow and shitty the last few days
>> No.15823  
>> No.15828  
Even if /jp/ was deleted I doubt they'd all migrate here. /bun/ has been trolled to hell and back so they've all got it in their head that we're Pooshlmer 2.0 and have nazi mods or whatever.
Promoting doesn't always bring in bad users. It really depends where you look. If you're going to be promoting on places like AnimeSuki and ANN, then yeah, the whole board will become a terrible mess. But there's a few decent communities out there that we could try and grab some users from. I'm not really sure where other than VN translation sites and Hongfire and such. There's a few other decent imageboards too.

The best way to promote the site is to link /bun/ threads in other places. For example, you could make a post announcing the MLA patch and then link to the post here on /bun/. Out of 10 people that look, we might get 2 new users out of it.
>> No.15829  
yeah, but those two users are the kind that click on random links in blog comments.
To put forth an example, I got here by advertisement and I've been shitting this place up nice and propa for a long time now.
>> No.15864  
>decent community
what the fuck
>> No.15874  
Suit yourself then.

If you vehemently hate any community that isn't /bun/, then enjoy the current speed I guess.
>> No.15876  
I think he meant hongfire alone.
The other ones didn't seem like issues.

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