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File: this is going to be fun.PNG -(277.3 KB, 446x310) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
283983 No.15920  
Does /bun/ play Magic? What/where/how/with who do you play? I play multiplayer casual ('casual' used loosely - original dual lands are everywhere, Balance hits the table every couple of matches, etc) once every week.

Recently ordered ~250 cards online and made two new decks using mainly cards I ordered, a mono-red dwarf deck and a mono-white equipment deck. Just found out that
>If the equipped creature becomes blocked by multiple creatures, Infiltration Lens's ability triggers that many times.
Besides the obvious need to block an over-equipped creature, I also have Nemesis Mask in the deck. This'll be tons of fun to play...I can't wait to play it.
>> No.15930  
I bought a load of boosters and starter sets and semi-forced my brother to play with me a few times, then a few years later I used to play extremely rarely with a few friends I used to get stoned with, but nearly all of my experience with MtG is buying loads of cards and making 'cool' decks with them that never got played ;_;
I wonder if any of my shit's worth anything, come to think of it. I have boxes full of cards going back 5-10 years.
>> No.15934  
File: Wallpaper_SwordofFireandIce_1280x960.jpg -(696.5 KB, 1280x960) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
5 years ago is Ravnica, 10 years ago is Oddysey. The cards won't be valuable because they're so old, you'd need to have cards prior to 1997 or so for that.

However, a lot of cards have risen in value over time.
Expensive cards include:
Sword of Fire and Ice (Darksteel, $53)
Entomb (Oddysey, $34)
Goblin Piledriver (Onslaught, $26)
Doubling Season (Ravnica, $24)
Arcbound Ravager (Darksteel, $22)
The tap, sac and pay 1 life, search for basic land card lands (Onslaught, ~$20)
Dark Confidant (Ravnica, $19)
Umezawa's Jitte (Betrayers of Kamigawa, $18)
Crucible of Worlds (Fifth Dawn, $18)
Aether Vial (Darksteel, $17) [Note: This is an UNCOMMON]
Chrome Mox (Mirrodin, $17)
Stifle (Scourge, $16)
Sensei's Divining Top (Champions of Kamigawa, $16) [Note: This is an UNCOMMON]
Glimpse the Unthinkable (Ravnica, $15)
Engineered Explosives (Fifth Dawn, $15)
Glimpse of Nature (Champions of Kamigawa, $13)
Kokusho, the Evening Star (Champions of Kamigawa, $13)
Mycosynth Golem (Fifth Dawn, $12)
Kira, Great Glass-Spinner (Betrayers of Kamigawa, $12) (Holy fuck, I had no idea it was this expensive...I never use it well, I should sell mine)
Standstill (Oddysey, $12) [Note: This is an UNCOMMON]
Ravnica block dual lands (the pay 2 life or comes into play tapped ones) (Ravnica, Guildpact, Dissension, ~$10)
Chalice of the Void (Mirrodin, $10)
Grim Lavamancer (Torment, $10)

All of those except for Standstill, Aether Vial and Sensei's Divining Top are RARES.

Uncommons of significant values besides the abovementioned three:
Isochron Scepter (Mirrodin, $7)
Cabal Coffers (Torment, $7)
Cabal Therapy (Judgment, $6)
Lightning Greaves (Mirrodin, $6)
Skullclamp (Darksteel, $4)
Eternal Witness (Fifth Dawn, $4, UNCOMMON)

Commons from that period are all below $4.

I'm not entirely sure what's up with Sword of Fire and Ice; it suddenly jumped from ~$15 to $53 somewhere between the start of February and now. It's probably been confirmed for a reprint or something (if it's reprinted, it becomes legal in the 'Standard' and 'Extended' tournament formats, which only use the newest sets).
>> No.15937  
The last expansion (or whatever they're called) I remember being new was the weeaboo one with kami spirits, bushido samurai and rat ninjas, but I have cards from a few years before that.
Maybe I'll have a look through and see what I have. Thanks for the list.
>> No.15940  
File: Ravnica-Forest.jpg -(134.5 KB, 1024x768) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
That's Kamigawa block.
Considering you mentioned ninja's, you've at least seen the second set of the block, Betrayers of Kamigawa. There's also a third set in the block, Saviors of Kamigawa, doing all kinds of things involving the amount of cards in your hand.
The block after Kamigawa was Ravnica: City of Guilds, which featured a world that had one HUGE city which covered the entire world, with 10 guilds in it (one of every color pair, the first set focused on 4 guilds, then the other two sets focused on 3 guilds each). It had an awesome setting...after that came the nostalgia block, and after that it became generic fantasy for several blocks. With the newest block they've finally returned to Mirrodin, where the Phyrexians have made their return.
>> No.16248  
Just wanted to share this story from /tg/:

"I know, I just hate greenfect with the passion of a thousand angry kuwaiti suns. Thanks too shit poster fan boy who loved that greenfect shit to the point of madness. Fucking hate greenfect. Just because of that players god damned mentality. Every time I have to play against greenfect it goes from fun to "I must rape you." and I go full tourney mode, no fun no pity no mercy just pain and cruelty. I will forever hate greenfect. Not because how shitty it is, but because of the one person who plays it.

Yes my hatred lacks logic or anything resembling what is normal for me. When I play against greenfect, I don't play to win. I play to crush that players hopes and dreams to the point where they play something else. So what if this means I am rocking quad Jaces. I can fucking afford it and when I decide to do something I don't go in halves. Sure I have a less spiteful deck and a fun times EDH deck. But the second I see that player play Greenfect is the second I pull out the deck box. On the side of that deck box are 50 little greenfect symbols. One for each set of three games I have one against Greenfect. It has not lost and cannot lose to greenfect so long as my cold calloused hatred pilots it.

The Greenfect fag? Every time I tell the story of this, an ulcer grows in my mouth, all hunger leaves my body and my instincts return to how they were when I was in boot camp in the military during my marksmanship test. If you wish to know the tale of this man I will gladly recount it anon. Be warned though it is not a tale for the weak of heart.

I had just got out of the military and had saved up 7 grand of fuck you money. Long story short, I go back to my hometown and decide to get back into magic. At this point I was more interested in EDH, because it was something new and interesting. Also it was before Greenfect fag arrived.

I was helping some local kids no older than 12 make decks, because a player at the shop would always beat them, then he would be a douchebag to whoever he beat. I asked how old the kid was, because clearly someone doing this behavior is just a teenager in the thrall of hormones. The said greenfect fag was 18. And he only played against weaker players. I have seen this before, but didn't think much of it at the time. Until the person walked in the store and played a few games. He was like a fat jersey shore extra, only he wore ICP gear and had an old Yugi Oh play mat. Then he started fucking with my friends about how old they were and then he asked my friend to pull out a few single binders, and then buying nothing after stating how they only had shit, even though there were plenty of planeswalkers including Venser. Then shit got real.

My mentor came in. He served in desert storm and was a general bro. He immigrated from Iran after their civil war. He was also the reason I got into the military. The douchefag or greenfect fag not only talks trash to him, he starts treating him like shit for being in the military and how the guy who taught me magic sucks at magic. The truth was he was married and had twins. He didn't have as much time as he used to. Then he did the unforgivable act and called him a sand n-ger I look at the kids whose deck I am building "Kids, I am going to show you proper deck building in action."

Actually I wasn't. I just looked at the top Jace deck on star city games. I printed out the list and gave it to my buddy at the counter and ask him if he has the cards. He nods. I give him my debit card and smile. He grins. I then look at the greenfect fag. "Hey asshole, wanna play a game?" He then looks at me odd "Sure scrub." "I am going to build a deck. If you win, I will leave the store and not come back. If I win You have to shut the hell up and find a new god damned store." He looks at me "Uh okay your loss."

I built god damned turbojace. I looked at how to play it. For it I got a pink deck box and My Little Pony sleeves. I do it by the counter. Meanwhile Greenfector continues to be a douche. I ask why he hasn't been thrown out. Apparently greenfect fag, is in fact related to a local business owner and has money. Essentially his daddy gets him out of trouble with the owner. I then look on star city for all the information on turbo jace and how to play it. I then ask my friend just to be sure. I then got the infect stickers. I walk up. Greenfect asks "Ready to lose?" I look at him. and put the deckbox on the table. "If you apologize to everyone now I will not utterly humiliate you." I say. "Apologize for what? All these guys are my bros. I am just being sarcastic." "All right shit head. Lets play some fucking cards."
I get Jace in my hand first turn along with some ramp. I do exactly as star city says and counter the green bullshit and get Jace out and proceed to mop the floor with him. He doesn't even get a creature out. "THIS IS BULLSHIT!" He starts to scream and rant and stands up. He then talks to Scott, the most righteous neck beard in the store. Scott says I am winning fair and square. Play again. Same result. Guy gets up says "FINE THIS STORE SUCKS ANYWAYS THE ENVIROMENT IS FULL OF FAGS!" When he leaves, it is to thunderous applause."

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