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File: cryingsuika.jpg -(286.0 KB, 550x500) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
292834 No.16115  
>easymodo ghost mode

Good night sweet prince.
>> No.16116  
>Why can't I make a post in /jp/?

>Posting was disabled for the /jp/ archive due to the low quality of posts; it was mainly being used for complaining about being banned, complaining about the state of /jp/, complaining about the actions of 4chan's staff and vanity posts made by the worst trip users on /jp/ after being (rightfully) banned. If you have questions regarding 4chan bans, please email banned@4chan.org. If you have questions regarding 4chan moderation, please email moot@4chan.org. If you have questions regarding the archive itself, my contact is further below down this FAQ. If you're mugen, go choke on an onion~
>> No.16117  
Yeah, I'm not surprised. It's been awfully shitty there for a while now.

I wonder where all the ghostbros are going to post now.
>> No.16118  
Maybe on tripfriends' formsprings, or here.
>> No.16119  
>If you're mugen, go choke on an onion~
Why does everyone dislike eski again?
>> No.16121  
Always makes me sad to see Suika cry. I hope Eksopl will come to his senses soon.
>> No.16122  
But now where will I post
Banned from
\   |   /
   Λ Λ  _.
  _( ・々゚) ̄
 ̄ /| \
/   |   \
Bitch about it
on Easymodo

>> No.16123  
4chan is pretty much dead to me anyway
>> No.16124  
Hopefully this is a temporary measure, like the times that he shut down easymodo when in a bad mood.
>> No.16131  
>> No.16132  
Who are you calling a faggot, faggot?
>> No.16133  
>> No.16203  
And nothing of value was lost.
>> No.17066  
Don't worry, she's laughing.
>> No.22740  
So what happened to eksopl? Is he dying?
>> No.22742  
I get the impression that he doesn't want to go into detail about it.
>> No.22762  
Is AyaS going to make a new archive? We obviously need more /jp/ archives.
>> No.22766  
Who would want to archive that shithole?
>> No.22768  
Even the /bun/ archive is incomplete because FUCKING JONES
>> No.22769  
There's a large amount of useful information buried there, links etc...
I still went to the archive regularly after I stopped browsing /jp/.

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