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45672 No.16315  
>MBS refuses to air Madoka 11 and 12
>Basically, MBS doesn't want to air the final two episodes of Madoka for sensitivity reasons and doesn't care what SHAFT or Gen Urobuchi have to say about it.
>Apparently the delay being MBS's fault is all but officially confirmed
>As we know from a week ago. The episode is done, several staff members have watched it.
>MBS just refuses to air it and refuses to provide an answer why they won't air it besides "it relates to the recent tragedy"
>And if you're wondering why MBS has so much influence in this is because
>1) They sponsored the production of the show
>2) They have an exclusive first airing rights. If they don't get first broadcast of the show, no one else, Internet broadcast including, are allowed to pre-empt them.
>Moral of the story: be careful of the clauses in your contracts
>We'll have to see how things turn out, though the worst case scenario is that the last two episodes aren't released until the DVDs come out around September.


>Q: The shows suspended due to the earthquake are now being aired one after another, but what's the reason for only this show being in long-term suspension?
>A: We weren't told anything more than "it is on suspension due to the effects of the earthquake".
>Q: Why hasn't the reason for the long-term suspension been clarified?
>A: Unknown. They tell the person in charge of the programming that it's certain that it hasn't been clarified.
>Q: Why is the internet distribution also suspended?
>A: Unknown. We haven't been told why. I'd like you to inquire the correspondence for such.
>Q: Is it possible that it will remain like this and not be aired?
>A: Unknown. Our inquiry center is told programming broadcast information two weeks ahead, but at this point, they have no plans to air the show in the next two weeks.
>Q: Shows broadcasted by satellite are aired after [regular broadcast], but in the case that the suspension continues, is it possible that they'll air it first?
>A: Normally that's impossible. In the current state that it can be aired on MBS, if MBS doesn't air it first, internet distribution and satellite broadcast won't happen.
>> No.16316  
Those bastards. Madoka is the first series in a long time that really interested me.
>> No.16320  
Madoka was a 6.5-7/10 show until the most recent episode, so I'm not terribly upset.
>> No.16325  
Oh well. I can wait a few months.
>> No.16326  
As a result, MBS will lose some advertising revenue and SHAFT will make more on DVD sales.
Capitalist karma. Everyone wins in the end.
>> No.16335  
File: 1296780762001.jpg -(101.4 KB, 750x600) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Except for the fans. From a utilitarian point of view, this is really bad.
>> No.16362  
>in the end.
>> No.16375  
>in the end
>> No.16420  
>> No.16457  
This. Madoka's own mediocrity has saved me from despair.
>> No.16459  
CONFUSING how you suddenly post lyrics from another song.

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