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File: 1302524931386.png -(69.8 KB, 800x600) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
71480 No.16462  
RIP easymodo

/jp/ really is going to hell really quick...
>> No.16463  
>> No.16464  
Why did moot do that?
>> No.16465  
There's already a thread about easymodo 2 pages back.
>> No.16466  
File: 1301856115097.jpg -(32.9 KB, 440x660) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Because he's become a hipster.
>> No.16467  
Good thing I haven't given a shit about /jp/ in months. It's all going to be gone after canvas is launched anyway
>> No.16470  
It's back up. It'll probably be banned again, though.
>> No.16471  
Is anything on 4chan even worth archiving anymore
>> No.16473  
If nothing else, there are the weekly visual novel translation updates.
>> No.16475  
I saw this thread on /jp/.
Since nobody's yet posted in here calling the OP bullshit, I'll take the time now to do so.
OP, easymodo is not banned from 4chan. Go check if you don't believe me.
>> No.16477  
>> No.16478  
I heard they are running canvas and 4chan on the same servers, which is why 4chan has been slow as shit lately. Any truth to that?
>> No.16484  
clearly we need to ddos canv-
no, wait.
That clever bastard.
>> No.16486  

>> No.16531  
As of the same day, those bans were removed by a 4chan moderator. So don't worry, those archives are still up.
>> No.16545  

Considering a lot of threads are like that, I don't think anything would really be missed.
>> No.16552  
But this is a matter of important debate.
I'd drive a tractor with Wriggle so I didn't have to worry about getting bitten by mosquitoes.
>> No.16554  
>> White Ren !YLuFFdRcFQ Mon Apr 11 19:32:32 2011 No.7214750
> I would work Sanae's field, but she's already been thoroughly plowed.
The thread should have ended there.
>> No.16746  
In other 4chan-related news, ED is dead.
>> No.16747  
They sold the domain, but it's already been reconstructed elsewhere. Not that anyone misses it (I hope).
However, I implore anyone to check out the new ED aka ohinternet, for it is an outlook on 4chan's inevitable future.
>> No.16748  
I wonder how CWC feels about all this
>> No.16750  

>it is an outlook on 4chan's inevitable future

if by that you mean "canv.as" then yeah pretty much.
>> No.16765  

I have a feeling ED going down affects him only marginally.
>> No.16766  

Holy shit look at these people
>> No.16771  
Oh wow, they even included all of the stains.

I'm not sure whether to be impressed by this or just feel pity for all involved. Perhaps a healthy mix of both.
>> No.16779  
Autismics maintaining a wiki mocking one of their own.
The whole thing is just pathetic.
>> No.16793  

Even more pathetic is when they had a 13 year old boy cybersex him
>> No.16794  

The CWCki is pretty fascinating, because never before has there been such a complete documentary of some internet dipshit. The trolling of him is pretty much over now because he's been off the internet for months and the "higher ups" in the trolling community think it would be in bad taste to troll him if his dad dies of cancer
>> No.16809  
File: OhC5s.png -(98.4 KB, 726x438) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
The guys at ED are going to rue the day they messed with zexion!!
>> No.16811  
File: ugh.jpg -(1440.9 KB, 850x1400) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Also this pathetic thing. I admit I never followed the 4chan culture much but have they always been such self-entitled little shits? "Boo hoo they took away our greatest achievement: a wiki that said nigger every other word! lets send them pizzas they didnt ask for!"
>> No.16812  
They think they're all high and mighty because they can take a site down for 15 minutes and toss a few prank calls their way. It's cute.
>> No.16815  
Since when was ED a part of fucking 4chan culture? Wasn't lurkmore the real 4chan wiki?
>> No.16817  

"Anonymous" has been a huge joke for years now.
>> No.16818  
I can't help but imagine an angry 14 year old when I read this.
>> No.16821  
ED was pretty big on the whole raid bullshit, so I guess they're pissed about losing the only(?) website that bothered to record their "achievements".
Also, ED pretty much took over lurkmore's place, I doubt too many people on /a/b/v/ even know about lurkmore these days.
>> No.16823  
So much stupidity on so many levels...
I mean, posting a statement like that on fucking FACEBOOK ruins the whole anonymous-concept.
God, I'm glad I stopped browsing 4chan so I don't have to be associated with their bullshit anymore.
>> No.16831  
The other boards are equally terrible now, too. It's a shame. Browsing /a/ or /jp/ in its current state makes me contemplate suicide.
>> No.16842  

Yeah, it really sucks to see my former internet home become such a mess


Probably because that's who wrote it
>> No.16848  
So it's true, 4chan is dying. The worst thing is that moot didn't really care about 4chan, nor team4chan. This is the long goodbye, and we are near the tail end of it.
>> No.16850  

>So it's true, 4chan is dying

Where have you been the last few years?
>> No.16855  
I've been on the site since 2008 and a lot has changed.
>> No.16912  
Yeah, I've been on /jp/ since 2001, everything went downhill from there.

Trolling aside, I can't really decide if it's the site that went to shit or just me who got better taste. Probably both.
>> No.16913  
There's been a definite dip in quality the past two years, but it's not like /jp/ was ever good in the first place.
>> No.16919  
File: ironic miko.jpg -(31.9 KB, 501x399) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
/jp/ isn't that bad guys. There are still good posts like this.
>> No.16922  

/jp/ was definitely the best board on 4chan, but no that doesn't mean it was "good". It was just the board with the least amount of /b/ shit, until moot got /b/ to raid it a few times and forced the janitor away with his dumb bullshit.
>> No.16923  

I like how /b/'s motto is "trolling it is like pissing in an ocean of piss, it's pointless", but it looks like the ED guy trolled the fuck out of them with this.
>> No.16940  
/b/ has changed from being cool with most shit into some sort legion of little kids throwing hissy fits whenever something they don't like happens.

Granted, they've always been like that, but to a lesser degree. The puddi-incident is a good example, moot has always trolled around on 4chan and people have accepted it, but this time /b/ just went berserk all over the site.
>> No.16957  

Basically, /b/ became everything it used to mock. That tends to happen to sites that have been around for a while, like SA for example
>> No.16969  
so apparently /b/ took down the playstation network. Why?
>> No.17107  
I don't think that was related to /b/.

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