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File: USD EUR.PNG -(10.7 KB, 517x287) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
10977 No.16741  
Just noticed this. What the hell happened, US? Stuff is ridiculously cheap all of a sudden.
>> No.16769  
Fuck, really? This country is going to shit. Sadly cant do anything about it...
>> No.16781  
The OP picture only shows the current negative trend. We've been going up and down like that for the last five years.
Not that the country isn't going to shit, but yeah.
>> No.16822  
I'm going to laugh so hard when the US collapses on itself like the Soviet Union and every other military jingoistic nation in history.
>> No.16832  
You won't, because it will be the cause of multiple wars.
>> No.16835  
The US is already the cause of multiple wars.
I see no difference.
>> No.16857  
When it's your shitty third world state being liberated you'll change your tune.
>> No.16865  
I thought the US was only interested in doing such a thing to keep their influence in the area. Not to offend you, but you sound like a typical American who thinks their country is the best.
>> No.16866  
Oh, I did it again!
>> No.16870  
File: history_of_za_warudo.jpg -(303.2 KB, 1179x648) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Extremely simplified, but oh well.
I don't think USA is the worst nation of its kind, but it's certainly up there. In my opinion it's Spain, for single-handedly cleansing a whole continent of its culture just so they could steal their gold, but I digress. MONTEZUMAAAAA ;_;

These are just the recent ones, you see the similarity right? Don't expect USA to be some sort of exception. It happened to Rome and it'll happen to you as well.
Actually, it's already happening right now.
>> No.16871  
From my point of view it's not a country issue anymore. Right now, the globalization of economy, politics, information, communication, transportation and civil rights movements are changing the world all around the globe, not just in some regions loosely defined as countries.
>> No.16876  
To be fair, it's not like native american culture was especially unique - just especially dated.
human sacrifice, spiritual co-existence with animals, etc etc...a lot of native american culture isn't specific to native americans at all.
>> No.16897  
The bad thing is that they basically erased the whole history of a continent. I don't care so much about the natives of North America, but the South American Indians were almost equals with the ancient Egyptians regarding culture and architecture. And almost everything was lost forever during the Spaniards religious cleansing. Whenever I read about it I just wish I could go back in time and punch Cortez in the face for being a dickhead.
>> No.16931  
File: Untitled.jpg -(99.5 KB, 600x516) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Stop taking the Internet so seriously.
>> No.16936  
California and parts of the other southwestern states are essentially under Mexican control too.

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