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4379 No.16952  
shit sux
>> No.16953  
What does that graph represent?
>> No.16955  
File: temp.png -(5.8 KB, 442x954) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
amount of visits/hits on my e-hentai galleries
>> No.16982  
Why would they track that sort of thing on an uploader basis?
>> No.17046  
Do you get something if you have high views?

What stuff did you upload anyway? Just curious.
>> No.17117  
you get points for visits and downloads. you can use them to pay for downloads and other crap.
>> No.17127  
>pay for downloads
oh man what
>> No.17132  
Credit, not money. I don't use e-hentai and the like, but downloads cost "points" which you get for uploading stuff, posting on the forums, etc. And you can probably get some directly by donating. I've seen similar systems on ROM sites.
>> No.17148  
The whole thing leaves a bad taste in my mouth.
>> No.17165  
Yeah, that's part of why I consider e-hentai to be absolute garbage. I honestly have no idea why people seem to like it so much.

The cocks in the advertisements certainly don't help either.

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