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224649 No.16954  
It has come to my attention that /projects/ currently is little more than an OC dump board. There's a couple of posters posting original content, but there's practically no discussion. With some other things I've been hearing, I've started to wonder.

How many of you read /projects/? How many of you post there? If you read but don't post, why not?
>> No.16956  
I never go there because I'm a talentless piece of shit. I don't have anything to contribute.
>> No.16958  
I used to check it daily, despite its utter lack of activity.

Nowadays I only visit it around the time after the most recent /jp/ OC thread is dead, so as to periodically bug the guy who updates SAMOC until he's done.
>> No.16959  
I would contribute, but I don't have any faith in my abilities at all and I'm afraid of being criticised.

>> No.16970  
A certain user scared all the other musicfriends away with his wall of posts!
>> No.16980  
File: ten_years.PNG -(1889.7 KB, 1200x800) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
There's no such thing as 'talentless'. Even if you suck, you can always get better with practice.
Besides, your contributions don't even have to be good. The MSPaint thread is obviously meant for people who can barely draw, and the writing and audio thread both clearly state that quality doesn't matter.
Also, feedback can also be a very useful contribution.

Then drown out his wall of posts with your own contributions!
>> No.16981  
I never go there because it's inactive.
Before you say "make some activity yourself", I'm also a talentless piece of shit, and there's no point in doing something if you can't do it right.
>> No.16983  
But how will you ever learn to do it right if never do it at all?
>> No.16985  
I check /projects/ every day. I posted fairly often at first, but started posting less and less. I try to only share things that I feel are worthwhile, and if I have nothing then I have nothing. Posting similar things over and over again isn't interesting for anyone, unless you're just really good.

Musically, we hardly have enough resources that have identified themselves to do a proper "project". It was attempted once, and the participation was scarce. Outside of music, what ideas have come up besides of "Let's make a VN!"? That might be the first issue, really. We've seen some game projects show up, but those are hardly collaborative. Of course not everyone is going to be able to contribute to a musical thread, and there's not been much else for people to do.

/projects/ still holds its charm for me, I will continue to check it even if it dies completely.

It wasn't a wall of posts until everyone else stopped posting.
>> No.17037  
I don't really read /projects/.
I post on /projects/ in a non-serious fashion/jokingly once in a blue moon.
>> No.17044  
If there's ever a community project over there that everybody can participate in, I'll probably start posting.
>> No.17049  
I've been asking for help on my project since I first posted.
>> No.17063  
Which project?
>> No.17064  

>> No.17065  
>> No.17128  
I can't help you, because I have the same useless skillset as you.

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