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145 No.17456  
Okay, so I get /projects/, but why can't /general/ and /photos/ be just one board?
It's not like there's a lot of posting going on and some people are obviously confused about what's supposed to go where.
>> No.17457  
(OP, I reposted your post since you can't reply to pictureless threads. /bun/ devs have yet to fix that.)

/photos/ is the 'lawless zone' of Bunbunmaru. /general/ has the following extremely vague rules:
> * This board is mainly for visual novels, doujin stuff, anime & manga, video games and related things.
> * Threads consisting of only a picture, or any sort of threads that don't encourage any discussion, are discouraged.
> * NSFW is allowed, but any extreme scat, guro and other shock stuff isn't.
> * No trolling, no spamming, no image dumping, no unmarked spoilers, no being a dick.
> * Please put a subject on your threads for easier browsing and searching.
> * Meta discussion, aka discussion about the board itself, should be kept on IRC.
> * Completely lolrandom and pointless threads, especially if off-topic, may be subject to deletion
> * Take it easy.

The board is moderated to ensure all threads are of Bunbunmaru Quality (c). A lot of /photos/ threads would be deleted if they were posted on /general/. For people who just want to discuss stuff without moderators making the board 'better', there's /photos/.

As for what goes where:
/general/ - Anime, manga, games, doujin stuff and visual novels. If your post is deemed as trolling, pointless or not encouraging discussion, it may be removed.
/photos/ - Anything goes, even stuff that 'belongs' on /general/.
/projects/ - Original content and discussion of said original content.
>> No.17459  
So, OP. You've made an observation about our posting rate, and also pointed out that some people can't follow a simple set of rules.

What you haven't done is indicate why these two things mean that having one board would be better than our current situation. In fact, you haven't indicated that there would be any advantage to a single board. Would it increase our traffic? Why? Would it save the posters who can't differentiate between the current separation of topics a bit of stress, so that we get more posts from these kinds of people? Would we even want to do that? Are you saying that you want one board with absolutely no guidelines outside of legal restrictions? Why? No one is going to delete your thread on /photos/ because it was /general/ related, so in that case I think you already have what you're looking for.

I personally think things are perfect as they are.
>> No.17460  
The problem is that people started posting /general/ content on /photos/, which of course is not subject to deletion.
/photos/ has become /general2/ with less stringent rules.
>> No.17464  
I just wish they changed the names of the boards to something more fitting.
>> No.17466  
/photos/ - Otaku Culture
>> No.17467  
All the new threads are being posted over here for some reason, which means /general/ is nothing but year old threads with 200+ posts. If it's related to Japanese shit in some way it should be posted over in /general/.
>> No.17489  
File: animesuki.png -(86.3 KB, 1644x848) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
But that's exactly what the rules encourage. Threads that directly specify a narrow subject with no room for off-topic posts. When you try to create a new thread, you're told 'we already have a thread for this'.

It's the natural result of strong moderation. If you look at carebear 'normal' forums, where moderation is VERY strong, you'll see that usually almost all threads are like that.

I don't like long, boring, predictable threads. It's exactly the reason I stopped making new threads on /general/.
>> No.17495  
OP here.
Okay, now I get it.
/general/ and /photos/ are just the moderated and un-moderated version of the same board. I guess it was somewhat implied in the rules, but this made everything som much clearer, thanks much.

There's no reason for having convoluted and vague rules really. It's one of the reasons which killed /jp/ and I'd hate to see the same happen here. Though that's pretty unlikely seeing we're not connected to /b/ or anything.
Basically some people are confused and that's a problem, hell, I'm one of them and I'm a regular poster.

A side-effect of the confusion is as these to gentlemen pointed out, both boards are becoming each other. People post /general/ threads in /photos/ and vice versa. Examples are:
>>11635, a video game discussion like this would go better in /general/.
>>34222, This board is mainly for visual novels, doujin stuff, anime & manga, video games and related things. I don't see where hemorrhoids fit here.
You also have that thread about childhood experiences with girls which was posted on both boards. I'm not saying any of these threads are bad or anything, just that they might not be where they should be.

What could be done to solve this?
As >>17464 suggested, a name-change would probably help. A re-definition of the rules would definitely be good. How about just saying out-right they're the un-moderated and moderated versions of each other? Then you name them /wild west/ and /swiss orrery/ or something. Problem solved.

...Until somebody think the boards are actually about the wild west and clockwork orreries.
>> No.17496  
File: django.jpg -(84.8 KB, 800x600) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Still on-topic.
>> No.17499  
I wish I could read Django...
>> No.17502  
That's like the wild west in space, not the real wild west.
>> No.17504  
A name change is silly and unnecessary.
You'd only be confused if you didn't read the rules, in which case you shouldn't be posting to begin with.
>> No.17518  
Nobody ever reads website rules unless a mod points them to it.
>> No.17524  
You, and people like you, are why we rarely have nice things.
>> No.17534  
You are the exception, not the norm. People never read rules unless they're incredibly bored or something. Go to any forum and look at the view count for the rules.

People just lurk a bit to get a feel for how the site works, and then behave accordingly. I'd say maybe 10% of 4chan have read all the rules.

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