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File: 27-HaveALollipop.png -(13.0 KB, 800x500) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
13359 No.17939  
Hi boon, I have a serious question here.

I'm uncircumsized. When I masturbate, my foreskin covers most of my head and I only see part of my tip. However, I read on a thread on 4chan that the foreskin is supposed to totally retract to reveal the whole head when its erect, and I don't think they're trolling. If I retract my foreskin until the head is completely shown, my foreskin is very tight and begins to go read as if there was an elastic band right below my head.

Is my situation normal? picture potentially related
>> No.17941  
It's called phimosis and is not uncommon. I believe for light cases such as yours it can be corrected by stretching exercises, but you should search around the internet to find out if there's anything you can/should do.
>> No.17942  
File: yes, i got this one2.PNG -(30.5 KB, 360x270) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
It's not phimosis if you can retract the foreskin, even if it doesn't happen automatically.

I can't retract my foreskin very far either. I think it's called frenulum breve: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Frenulum_breve
But I don't really care since I can still masturbate just fine and I'll never have sex anyways.

Also, is that VVVVVV fanart I see there?
>> No.17943  
I don't think its phimosis.

I don't think its frenulum breve, I don't think my frenulum is short, but I should check it anyway tomorrow, when I can get it up.

And yes, it is in fact VVVVVV fanart!
>> No.17956  
>> No.17995  
Wouldn't this actually make you better at sex?
I mean, if there is an extra layer of skin on your forehead, then it's thicker. And probably less sensitive.
>> No.17997  
I'm so glad it's not just me! I pulled back the foreskin when it was limp once, and that hurt like a bitch, so I stopped immediately.
I can pull back some, but no way it's going completely back.
>> No.17998  
Go see a doctor OP.

>can result in gangrene or other serious complications.
Sounds bad, and it's not like OP is going to have sex anyway.
>> No.18007  
> I'm uncircumsized.
> Is my situation normal?
Not unless you live in the third world (read: Europe).
>> No.18008  
Me too OP, only I can pull it back while not erect with little problem.
>> No.18009  
If it feels fine then don't worry about it.

I can pull mine back all the way when it is erect. It's tight (duh) and not particularly pleasant. (why would it be?) There is no reason to pull it back that far.
>> No.18027  
I think girls think foreskin is icky, which is the thing I'm worried about,

I can pull it back when its not erect no problem, its only when its erect does it have trouble sliding off.
>> No.18029  
Im OP by the way.
>> No.18042  
File: 1306277002525.jpg -(93.6 KB, 425x282) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Just keep pulling it back as far as you can without causing yourself too much pain every day. Eventually your body will get used to it and it'll stop being so tight and painful when pulled back. It was like that when I was a young teenager, but I just stretched it every day and it's better than ever nowadays.

As for girls and foreskin: there's no reason to worry about it. Preference for this sort of thing will be different for each person, like everything else, and they look almost exactly the same when erect anyway.

For now, just stretch every day, ignore >>18007 and enjoy your unmutilated penis.
>> No.18618  
No, thats the thing, when I'm erect the skin still covers it.

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