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File: MadokaMagicaV2001.jpg -(1474.3 KB, 1632x2234) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
1509724 No.18025  
It's out! http://www.mediafire.com/?70ox2kg87eyw2yl
>> No.18028  
I can't think of a single song from this show.
Was anything good?
>> No.18032  
I thought the soundtrack was the only consistently good thing with the show.
I don't if I'll bother downloading it though.
>> No.18033  
It's by far the worst soundtrack Kajiura has ever done. I've watched a lot of shows solely because of her, but this was terribly disappointing. Few number of tracks, even fewer actually good songs. The first volume of the soundtrack only has 13 tracks, 11 being filler and 2 great songs (Mami and QB's themes).
>> No.18037  
What track numbers are those? They don't sound too terrible.

And why post this in /photos/?
>> No.18038  
Because I post everything on /photos/.
>> No.18043  
I did really like Mami's theme.
>> No.18046  
4 is Mami's, BECOME A MAHOU SHOUJO is the first song. Everything else is crap.
>> No.18048  
I do like track 9...
>> No.18049  
File: 1299938028742.jpg -(162.6 KB, 375x500) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
I feel that way about a lot of OSTs. I go through it with high anticipation (I don't know why as I should already know what's in it from watching the show) and just end up deleting a majority of the album. Some stuff is decent, but is simply too short to do anything with which is a pity. I think the only recent OST album that was left mostly intact was Disappearance.
>> No.18161  
Yes, Puella in Somnio is great as well.

I'd say there are plenty of good tracks on this OST, even if it's a bit small. At least it's better than Angel Beats's soundtrack...now that was a disappointing OST.
>> No.18228  
>Credens justitiam
Only great song in the album.
Rest are mediocre and generic Kajiura song.

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