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36099 No.18737  
MangaGamer's Kara no Shoujo demo is out: http://www.mangagamer.com/r18/Titles/Gallery?type=BD30BF2A-9559-4703-B552-CA1D1E27E6AB&brand=C06DC486-2E30-472D-97F1-E4B0473ACE86&item=359B59DA-2B1C-4FD1-8574-58C8343CF220

I'm liking it so far. It starts out a bit boring, but quickly gets interesting twists. The investigation stuff reminds me a bit of Phoenix Wright.
>> No.18739  
This thread totally belongs to /photos/, right.
>> No.18742  
Everything belongs in /photos/.
>> No.18743  
Not really. We have this cute board called /general/ for threads like this one.
>> No.18780  
Eh, I hate watching/reading uncompleted works (especially when it comes to VNs, you can never know when they go on hiatus or pull a JAST), so I'll pass.

Though it's nice to see that project is finally going somewhere. Summer release was it? Looking forward to it.
>> No.18789  
File: ss2.png -(758.1 KB, 800x600) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
>you can never know when they go on hiatus or pull a JAST
Is is already an official release, so it won't go on hiatus and can no longer pull a JAST. Full release is in 10 days, so if you read slowly you won't even notice the wait.
>> No.18791  
Well, considering that KnS has been sitting on my HDD ever since editing was nearing 100%, it feels more appropriate to say that it has already been on hiatus.

Anyway, my real problem is the waiting time, but since the release is this near - which I didn't know - it seems kinda moot.
Guess I'll have to make some time in my immensely busy schedule.

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