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File: 1311560614374.png -(377.6 KB, 1237x3020) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
386627 No.20395  
In some of these, the narrators brought on themselves for not knowing how and when to draw the line, but for the others I have nothing to say about but ಠ_ಠ.
>> No.20396  
File: 1311559452819.jpg -(407.6 KB, 1258x1188) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
>> No.20397  
File: 1311560645860.png -(151.4 KB, 1319x1205) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
>> No.20398  
File: 1311756776492.png -(217.2 KB, 1345x1954) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
One thing I noticed is everyone on /cgl/ has the exact same shit writing style.
>> No.20399  
File: 1311799003643.png -(159.0 KB, 887x1544) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
>> No.20400  
File: 1311560675087.png -(499.4 KB, 1317x3821) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
>> No.20405  
I read through the first three and I don't feel like reading the rest. Want to summarize them?
>> No.20406  
Weeaboos: Sexual Predators
>> No.20409  
Cons have just taken on a new dimension of terrible distinct from all the terrible impressions I already had about them.
>> No.20411  
>> No.20419  
Girl tries to keep her powerlevel concealed. Finds hambeast from school in a con that tries to rape her and rip her shimapan away. Dude protects her, but her reputation is ruined now. At a second con, delusional hambeast tries to pin her down again. Saved again.
The moral is, people are awful.

Sheltered girl talks frequently with depressive guy. He tells her about all kinds of things that both excite and worry her. They go to a con together as Hinata and Sasuke. She is naive through the whole thing. The guy tries to pin her down after breaking down in tears. Getting rejected, he threatens to jump from the balcony. People manage to subdue him, and they break contact for good. Sheltered girl feels guilty.
The moral is, people are awful.

Gay couple go to a con as a first date of sorts. They encounter a wild yaoi hambeast. Lewd behavior and insinuations are thrown around throughout the day, couple too polite to tell her to fuck off. They drink a bit in the con hotel and the lightweight guy goes down. Feeling sick, they try to get him to their room. Other guy goes away for a minute, returns to find hambeast has tracked him down, pinning him to the floor and biting him. Lightweight guy throws up all over her and she breaks away.
Couple somehow happy over surpassing an obstacle together.
The moral is, people are awful.
>> No.20420  

>Girl tries to keep her powerlevel concealed. Finds hambeast from school in a con that tries to rape her and rip her shimapan away.

Since the only reason a girl would go to a convention is for attention she should have been happy.
>> No.20421  
File: SuccessfulTroll.jpg -(35.8 KB, 300x441) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
>Go to a con
>Someone looks at me funny
>Write wall of greentext about being raped or almost raped
>244 posts and 60 images omitted
>> No.20422  

Is this ironic on purpose
>> No.20423  
I'm just saying, like most "horror stories" on 4chan, these fall somewhere between a grossly exaggerated experience and an outright made up story.
>> No.20424  
They only want attention from pretty people with dicks.
A fat lesbian is like the worst of both worlds.
>> No.20426  
I hope they're exaggerated. I aim to get into an American university sometime in the future and the stories from 4chan gives me the impression that one in five people in the U.S. are complete loons.
Or is it just that Northern Europeans have exceptional mental health?
>> No.20427  

In the US just assume everyone you meet has the intelligence of a 10 year old until proven otherwise. Also don't let people fool you into thinking black people are OK
>> No.20430  
I don't find them too hard to believe. Rape happens all the time and cons seem like a high risk area because of all the young dumb naive kids, the alcohol, and the atmosphere of general lack of restraint or common sense.
>> No.20431  
File: lesbians.jpg -(1224.8 KB, 976x2688) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
I wish people would stop "greentexting".
>> No.20432  
File: 1311560882635.png -(499.6 KB, 1294x2107) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
>> No.20433  

I wish a lot of the "*chan" shit people do would stop, but I'm afraid in never will
>> No.20434  
File: 1311635727724.jpg -(315.5 KB, 1211x1676) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
>> No.20435  
File: of gays and fujoshi.jpg -(1958.9 KB, 978x5028) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
>> No.20436  
File: Ichika noooo.jpg -(233.9 KB, 948x522) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
>> No.20437  
I fucking hate green blogging...

Young couple find their dream home. Only condition is that the landlord's daughter will be living downstairs. Predictably, it's a socially retarded hambeast. Privacy gets violated on a regular basis, and the fact it's a lesbian couple just makes it harder for them. Things devolve into psycho shit and trying to negotiate how they can still live there. Their lease expires and they move out. Hambeast never had any friends and is a NEET waste of space.
The moral is, people are awful.

Mentally unstable hambeast breaks down in last day of class. Cuts herself and her web delusions is revealed to her mum, the whole school and the girl she was supposedly dating. She gets committed and people move on. Few years afterward group of friends is at a con and run into her. She's still obnoxious and claims she's A-OK in the head now. Tales of abuse and molestation ensue, particularly a disgusting guy patting her down trying to dry her chest after they spilled a glass of water. They get her expelled from the hotel along with her cadre of human scum. For amusement, they accept their facebook friend invite. After trying to cut again it reveals that she was still mentally unstable and it was her divorced dad that let her get outside and try for normality. Hambeast gets her leash tightened, people breath easy.
The moral is, people are awful.
I was uncomfortable with this one, girl has a mental problem and they're just mocking it.
>> No.20438  
This is getting tiresome.

Underage girl goes to con. Older guy taking pro pictures hands her his business card and asks for her phone number if she wants a studio shoot. She gives it. Astonishingly there are plenty of phone messages when she returns. Harassing continues for a month, with the biggest one being him trying to pick her up at school. Desperate she consults with brother. Older brother gets his dox and assures her he will end all of this. Brother breaks the law by impersonating a policeman and confronts old weirdo. Situation is resolved. Girl looks up to her older brother now.
And the moral is, people are awful.

>and now for green text.
All of my hate...
Kid goes through high school friends with hambeast. They graduate and keep in contact. She starts showing a fixation on babies. Guy stupidly starts to date her. She shows her possessive and psycho nature, all the way being oversexual. This disgusts the guy. Breaks up over a text with her and figures out some stuff, realizing he's gay. Some time on he's dating an older guy and for some reason still keeps in contact with her. She's still creepy as hell and shows hate towards the boyfriend.
They go to a con as a group. This is just one in a series of bad decisions. She goes around everywhere being clingy and crazy, claiming she's with the narrator. She tries to seduce him by posing naked and fingering herself. Her hambeast anatomy disgusts and horrifies the narrator. Boyfriend on the other hand is chill and somewhat amused. It all comes to a head when, by context, hambeast realizes delicious man seed must be in a discarded condom nearby. Her fixation with babies and being pregnant becomes obvious now. Narrator breathes easy since he realizes she can't access the condom, and so he discards it with abandon out the window. They return from the con, where they confront her over being a crazy bitch. They somehow remain in contact over facebook. She claims to be pregnant somehow and harasses him and his family both online and at his work. The law gets involved and issues a restraining order. She gets counseling and everyone is happy.
And the moral is, people are awful.

Green blogging: For when you can't connect two separate ideas.
Young couple go to a con together. Friends get into unrelated shenanigans after being found having sex in a bathroom. After a few days, narrator is found and harassed by a Sakura-cosplaying hambeast. Eventually, the narrator's girlfriend tells her off, states she is fat and has bad taste. Hambeast loses it and tackles her down. Narrator kicks the everloving shit out of her trying to save his girl. She has a broken rib, hambeast is stuck with Assault and Battery charges and has to pay for their bills. Couple is amused whenever they see a Sakura now.
And the moral is, people are awful.

Even after all this, reading retarded people being both naive and callous, I still look forward to my next con. Because the camera lens is a way to remain distant.
>> No.20473  
>I was uncomfortable with this one, girl has a mental problem and they're just mocking it.
A lot of the people in these stories clearly have mental problems. Lots of borderline personality disorder and of course autism spectrum disorders, with some schizophrenia thrown in to keep things interesting.
>> No.20508  
I also visit cons, and I've never seen anything like these stories. Then again, the small Dutch conventions must be totally different from the huge American conventions.
>> No.20525  
The first story is the most blatant falsehood. Let's see, a minor is raped in a hotel, identifies his attackers the next day, but the police just blow it off due to lack of evidence because the meido already cleaned their room?

1. Considering how quickly he was taken to the hospital, there would likely have still been DNA from his attackers' semen inside him. This would have been some pretty definitive evidence.

2. He claims that the ambulance arrived at 9AM, which is well before any room cleaning would be done. If the police were even slightly competent, they would have looked for evidence of the rape then.

3. Even without any additional evidence, the fact that he was raped and identified his assailants would have been enough to bring them to trial.

4. Barring everything else, there obviously was a police report filed, which would have been public information (other than his name), and there almost certainly would have been a big news story about it. Have you ever read a report of a minor being raped at a convention with the assailants never to be found? That's because it never happened.

The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

>> No.20526  
>2. He claims that the ambulance arrived at 9AM, which is well before any room cleaning would be done.
Just last week I stayed at a hotel that started room cleanings between 9 and 10.
>> No.20529  
...which is still after 9AM
>> No.20531  

The first one is made up for sure, I'm too lazy to point out why (and a guy being raped by two gays in their mid 20s who were into SM is probably the only believable part of the story). >>20525 pointed out most of them and even if you were to make a convenient excuse for every single on of them (like there was no semen because they cleaned him up and he took shower etc. etc.) you can't ignore the bite marks no matter how hard you try.

Others are somewhat believable I guess. Con goers are really that retarded. Well, the shimapan girl story is obviously made-up, too, as the white knight ended up getting laid - that would never happen!

And then people wonder why there are so many folks out there who conceal their powerlevel. I'm just glad I never was at any con (well technically I was but only because there was a Magic draft with cool prizes and I ran away as far as possible as soon as the whole thing was over; luckily, we had a whole room to ourselves) neither do I feel the urge to go to one. It's sort of sad that this hobby (or these hobbies maybe) attracts so many retards and it even makes me feel guilty about enjoying some series (those with particularly obnoxious fanbases).
>> No.20533  
File: the onsen incident.jpg -(1917.7 KB, 977x4386) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
The first one is fake alright, but I appreciate it for making me frown so much throughout the read.

Greentext translator-san, more for you to work with!
>> No.20537  
Girl with a bit of a superiority complex goes for some vacation time back in America. Meets up with friends, when they meet the hambeast. She is clearly excited by the narrator and her japanese boyfriend. It quickly develops into a fixation and starts mimicking her in every way. Doppelganger adopts mannerisms, clothes and hairstyle in crude ways. She's also very interested in the japanese guy and makes a very drunken move on him, trying to kiss him. Puke is involved. Next morning the doppel claims to have been poisoned by the narrator to get her out of the way in their epic love rivalry for the poor japanese guy. Predictably, all react badly to this. She excuses herself, claims she has been skipping her medicine and promises to be good.

A week later they let her hang out with them again, after further promises of good behavior and pharmaceuticals. The whole group heads to a local hot spring inn, which truth be said, sounds like a lovely place if it wasn't for the japanophiles ruining it for everyone.
Narrator is pretty disgusted by some of her stuff disappearing, the hambeast being more of a fat mirror version of herself and the fact that she has imitated a very personal tattoo, which she discovers when they spend an uncomfortable time at the baths. The discovery of her masturbating to the sounds of the narrator having sex puts everyone on edge and tensions run high. She disappears for a while and the group decides to have a nice time out.
When they return they find the room ransacked and missing a lot of accessories and clothes. It all comes to a head when, while cleaning up, narrator finds her fat dopple, still wearing her bathrobe and a ripped towel of hers. Accusations and aggression escalate, with the hambeast referring to the narrator as her "evil, disgusting other half". Obvious mental issues. This doesn't dissuades the group as a brawl breaks out which is impossible to follow due to her choice of using single letters instead of names everywhere. Hambeast is injured slightly, freaks out further. Police finally intervene and some truths are revealed. Hambeast has some serious mental issues, has been skipping her meds for a while now. Not in sight of her supposed guardian who rather callously prefers her being thrown to an institution than continue being a problem. Hambeast's funds and legal rights are snatched away from her due to her behavior, specifically dying her hair and getting a tattoo. Priorities are thrown out the window, narrator is happy she doesn't have to deal with it.
The moral is, people are awful. And they ruin a nice little inn with their fighting.
>> No.20547  
Yeah but it's not "well" after, not to mention judging by the story there was quite some time between when the ambulance arrived and when they found and searched the rapists' room. There's still other suspicious stuff about the story but I just felt like pointing out a minor issue with >>20525's detective work.
>> No.20549  

>I was uncomfortable with this one, girl has a mental problem and they're just mocking it.

Yeah, I'm glad I'm not the only one who felt that way. Going through mentally ill person's photos 'for the lols' is kinda off-putting.

Actually, in most of those the only person I feel sorry for is the supposedly 'obnoxious weeaboo'. It's quite clear that most of them should seek professional help. Instead, stories about them are fodder for laughter for some, anger for others on one of 4chan's worst boards (and that's saying A LOT).
>> No.24309  


That's a retarded quoting order.
>> No.24314  
File: 1326117490792.png -(2006.3 KB, 1492x2240) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Doesn't surprise me.
>> No.24319  
File: 1320521931419.png -(522.4 KB, 505x656) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
That's funny; I was the one who found out about that guy.
>> No.24324  
File: because people can regret what they did four years ago.jpg -(17.3 KB, 510x343) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
And that's why sex offenders lists are terrible.

I can beat up and permanently injure multiple people, and nobody except for the police will find out. But if I so much as get caught downloading loli, it can affect social interaction with anybody knowing my full name (and will in cases such as job interviews).

When you commit an offense, the punishment you receive should be your punishment. There is no reason for completely unrelated people to suddenly confront a person with crimes for which they have already been punished.
>> No.24325  
What is lewd/lascivious batt sex?
>> No.24330  
And why exactly do you care about some sex offenders from /v/?
>> No.24333  
I don't care about sex offenders in general, but this guy made a thread to beg for steam games. I googled the name on his Steam Profile, hoping to find an equally retarded facebook profile, but this was much better.
>> No.24347  
Because I too have done things in the past I strongly regret (though not to the extent that guy seems to have done), and I understand what it's like when somebody reminds you of things you regret doing. It's not about that poster specifically, but about people in general. It's their business. The guy's already received his punishment, so leave him alone. A single mistake shouldn't chase a man for his entire life.

Reading the thread, no he didn't. He made a thread to complain about how he didn't receive anything for Christmas and some guy was an asshole to him. Yes, he's attention whoring. Yes, that's a bad thing. But it's not so bad that it deserves being called out like that.

>Forget what I've said OP, time to leave here.
>How was jail, OP?
>yeeeeah okay no wander you're single
>OP covering his tracks. Fuck yourself you pathetic nigger. Raping little girls because any grown woman would whoop your ass I'm guessing. HOw did you like being buttfucked in jail faggot?
>The correctional system has failed you and now you're a repeat sex offender trying to scam people out of their money. You're the worst of the worst. God knows what you told those girls to get them alone long enough to violate them. You truly are a filthy nigger and I mean that in every sense of the word.
>Sex offender negros don't have the pleasure of a feel-good spirited christmas.
I don't know about you, but if I had made some grave mistake in my past, I would not like this to happen whenever my real name is shown. Yes, 4chan is harsh and people on 4chan are completely allowed to be assholes, but this is just /b/ level, digging up somebody's past and ridiculing him for it.

>800.04(4)(a) Lewd or Lascivious Battery; Sex With Victim 12 To 15
>(a) Engages in sexual activity with a person 12 years of age or older but less than 16 years of age; or
>(1) DEFINITIONS.--As used in this section:
>(a) "Sexual activity" means the oral, anal,or vaginal penetration by, or union with, the sexual organ of another or the anal or vaginal penetration of another by any other object; however, sexual activity does not include an act done for a bona fide medical purpose.

The other offense:
>800.04(6)(c) A Person Under 18 Intentionally Touching A Person Under 16 In A Lewd Or Lascivious Manner Or Soliciting A Person Under 16 To Commit A Lewd Or Lascivious Act
>(a) A person who:
>1. Intentionally touches a person under 16 years of age in a lewd or lascivious manner; or
>2. Solicits a person under 16 years of age to commit a lewd or lascivious act commits lewd or lascivious conduct.
>(c) An offender less than 18 years of age who commits lewd or lascivious conduct commits a felony of the third degree, punishable as provided in s. 775.082, s. 775.083, or s. 775.084.

(The other four are negligence to report to the police in 48 hours that he's a sex offender (probably necessary information so the people around him can be informed of this vital fact for a better first impression).)

The more I look into this, the odder it gets. Everybody assumes he raped little girls, but check the date on that first offense (second explanation in this post). At the reported time, he was 19 years old (and not 'just turned 19', his birthday was 8 months before that). The offense he was convicted for is one specifically about perpetrators below the age of 18. From this we can conclude these dates are the dates the final verdict was given, which may have been ages after the actual offense (this one was at least a year and 9 months after offense). It's not unlikely that he was a victim of the '17 year old can't have sex with 15 year old' bullshit and got convicted for that. Even if it wasn't that, at least it means the actual offense took place well over 5.5 years ago, back when he was under 18, likely even in high school. I know I regret many things I did back in high school. A person can change completely in such a time span. Whatever he did, I'm pretty sure he regrets it by now.

As for sex offenders lists, this quote from the thread should demonstrate why it ruins people's lives:
>I rolled his name through google and this was the top link.
If, one day, I am caught for downloading loli, I do not want this to to be the first impression (and considering subject matter, probably only impression) many people will have of me.
>> No.24351  
The sex offender list exists because sex offenses are rarely one-time, isolated instances. Due to the nature of my work I've known many registered sex offenders, and only once have I met one who did not still display very clear predatory behaviors. I have some complaints about sex offender lists, like how urinating in public can get you on a list with serial rapists, and don't get me started on statutory rape, but overall I think we should have them. Like with many other systems in place in our country it can and should be improved.

>I can beat up and permanently injure multiple people, and nobody except for the police will find out.
Well no, it will still come up on background checks. But I think you bring up a fair point about how there isn't a similar list for violent criminals.

>When you commit an offense, the punishment you receive should be your punishment.
And part of the punishment is being put on the sex offender registry.

Oh, and loli isn't illegal in the U.S.
>> No.24354  
>Due to the nature of my work I've known many registered sex offenders, and only once have I met one who did not still display very clear predatory behaviors.
You're talking about after their prison time, right? Because in that case, that's just a case of American prisons failing. The entire point of a prison is that you take a person out of society for several years to teach him what he did was wrong. If you fail to convince him of that in multiple years of having complete control over his life, your prison system just sucks.

As for your only one not coming back out as the same sex offender they came in as:

>There has been considerable research on the recidivism of rapists across various institutional and community-based settings and with varying periods of follow-up. A follow-up study of sex offenders released from a maximum-security psychiatric institution in California found that 10 of the 57 rapists (19 percent) studied were reconvicted of a rape within five years, most of which occurred during the first year of the follow-up period (Sturgeon and Taylor, 1980). These same authors reported that among 68 sex offenders not found to be mentally disordered who were paroled in 1973, 19 (28 percent) were reconvicted for a sex offense within five years.
>In a study of 231 sex offenders placed on probation in Philadelphia between 1966 and 1969, 11 percent were rearrested for a sex offense and 57 percent were rearrested for any offense (Romero and Williams, 1985). Rice, Harris, and Quinsey (1990) conducted a more recent study of 54 rapists who were released from prison before 1983. After four years, 28 percent had a reconviction for a sex offense and 43 percent had a conviction for a violent offense.


>Studies of the recidivism of child molesters reveal specific patterns of reoffending across victim types and offender characteristics. A study involving mentally disordered sex offenders compared same-sex and opposite-sex child molesters and incest offenders. Results of this five-year follow-up study found that same-sex child molesters had the highest rate of previous sex offenses (53 percent), as well as the highest reconviction rate for sex crimes (30 percent). In comparison, 43 percent of opposite-sex child molesters had prior sex offenses and a reconviction rate for sex crimes of 25 percent, and incest offenders had prior convictions at a rate of 11 percent and a reconviction rate of 6 percent (Sturgeon and Taylor, 1980). Interestingly, the recidivism rate for same-sex child molesters for other crimes against persons was also quite high, with 26 percent having reconvictions for these offenses. Similarly, a number of other studies have found that child molesters have relatively high rates of nonsexual offenses (Quinsey, 1984).
>Several studies have involved follow-up of extra-familial child molesters. One such study (Barbaree and Marshall, 1988) included both official and unofficial measures of recidivism (reconviction, new charge, or unofficial record). Using both types of measures, researchers found that 43 percent of these offenders (convicted of sex offenses involving victims under the age of 16 years) sexually reoffended within a four-year follow-up period. Those who had a subsequent sex offense differed from those who did not by their use of force in the offense, the number of previous sexual assault victims, and their score on a sexual index that included a phallometric assessment (also referred to as plethysmography: a device used to measure sexual arousal (erectile response) to both appropriate (age appropriate and consenting) and deviant sexual stimulus material). In contrast to other studies of child molesters, this study found no difference in recidivism between opposite-sex and same-sex offenders.
>In a more recent study (Rice, Quinsey, and Harris, 1991), extra-familial child molesters were followed for an average of six years. During that time, 31 percent had a reconviction for a second sexual offense. Those who committed subsequent sex offenses were more likely to have been married, have a personality disorder, and have a more serious sex offense history than those who did not recidivate sexually. In addition, recidivists were more likely to have deviant phallometrically measured sexual preferences (Quinsey, Lalumiere, Rice, and Harris, 1995).
>In a study utilizing a 24-year follow-up period, victim differences (e.g., gender of the victim) were not found to be associated with the recidivism (defined as those charged with a subsequent sexual offense) of child molesters. This study of 111 extra-familial child molesters found that the number of prior sex offenses and sexual preoccupation with children were related to sex offense recidivism (Prentky, Knight, and Lee, 1997). However, the authors of this study noted that the finding of no victim differences may have been due to the fact that the offenders in this study had an average of three prior sex offenses before their prison release. Thus, this sample may have had a higher base rate of reoffense than child molesters from the general prison population.
In every statistic except for one of the rapist statistics, recidivism rate is below 50% (it's 57% for the 'any crime, not necessary sexual, by rapist'). That means that even with the shitty prison system, the majority learns their lesson and does not commit such an offense again. You might still see them all as 'that guy who's going to rape a bunch of kids again one of these days', but the statistics say otherwise.

>Oh, and loli isn't illegal in the U.S.
Never stopped the courts, though I don't live in the US so that doesn't matter for me. But loli will likely be illegal in the US and several countries in Western Europe in 10 years, probably less. Just because it isn't illegal yet doesn't mean you won't be on a sex offenders list for it in 10 years.
>> No.24362  
I thought that this person was being a giant cock, so I wanted to hit him where it hurt. I strongly believe that these lists shouldn't be so easily accesible, probably for the same reasons as you do, but I felt like this person deserved to be shunned from the community he likes to post on, even if it is for an unrelated matter.
>> No.24370  
>You're talking about after their prison time, right? Because in that case, that's just a case of American prisons failing. The entire point of a prison is that you take a person out of society for several years to teach him what he did was wrong. If you fail to convince him of that in multiple years of having complete control over his life, your prison system just sucks.

1: imprisonment NEVER deters or change criminals into upstanding citizens. Doesn't matter if you're from denmark, japan, USA, mexico or africa, or which period in time you're looking at. Stop trying to say "YOUR" prison system sucks, because ALL prison systems basically produce the same result.

2: There have been arguments that prisons have not been and are not institutes of social correction but a demonstration of social control/power, and an institute to make criminals into better factory workers/obedient drones rather than to make criminals reflect upon their crimes and never do crimes again. Some thoughts:

-imprisonment was used in the late 1700s as a main means of punishment (the recidivism rate was so high that it basically gave way to eugenics), yet we currently still use prisons as a form of punishment despite aforementioned failure of prisons everywhere.

- The MAIN form of punishment/corrective action taken in modern prisons is not education (although they are and have been offered, even it does not change the aforementioned results), but rather a strict time schedule that rewards "proper" behaviour (earlier release) and punishes disobedience (no early release/etc).

So what's the difference? Well, for one, it's fine if criminals do crimes after released. It's just that they have to also be able to work in factories/armies/other institutes with a tight work schedule.

Some more thoughts: There have been an increased effort to criminalize in the states (drugs is a good example, and to a less extent the more silly pedophiliac laws like "no drawn children allowed").
I hereby argue that these laws are not created to sole prevent "crime" (drugs, while destructive to the individual using it, is not as harmful to others around them in the same way that a stabbing or theft is, same with drawn little girls - although touching little girls is another issue), but rather to put deviant populations (stoners/hippies, NEETs) into prisons to make them into obedient factory workers - ergo, prisons are "successful" in achieving their goal of controlling "deviance", even if they do not prevent criminals from committing/recommitting "crimes".
>> No.24371  
I'm not against the use of prisons, but I disagree with how they're being used today.
Prisons usually have two main tasks:
1. Rehabilitate prisoners.
Rehabilitation's purpose isn't only to deter the prisoner from committing crime again, but also making him be able to function normally in society. He should be able to get a job etc.
2. The deterrence of the general population.
Prisons should also preclude others to not commit crimes.

I don't find prisons to be an effective form of punishment for traditional criminality, because it has failed its two tasks. The rate of recidivism is usually very high (60%-70% in the U.S.) which means that the former prisoners obviously do not function very well in society. Prisons may not even be that deterring to the general population either. High rate of crime is usually just a symptom of something else, in the U.S. it's probably a frothy mix of high unemployment, shitty health care and more. In cases like these, forms of punishment like probation have been shown to be more successful. If implemented correctly it could reduce the amount of prisoners with as much as 50%, the rate of recidivism is also lower.

Modern crime (corruption, tax fraud etc.), on the other hand, should probably be countered with traditional forms of punishment. Properly investigating these forms of crimes is usually hard, because they're often committed by smart people who know how to cover a track. That shouldn't keep it from going un-punished. Corruption can harm a society at a much more fundamental level than say, rape, and arguably also contribute to these types of traditional criminality by being a part of the previously mentioned frothy mix.
>> No.24377  
So /bun/ hates /jp/ but goes to /v/?
>> No.24378  
There are some of us in every board, for all we know. Don't generalize.
>> No.25707  
File: lol.jpg -(276.9 KB, 519x665) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Different from what's been posted, but still applies I think. I was going to copy and paste the text into my post but the choice of font is just too good for me to leave it out of the experience.
>> No.25708  

I hate every 4chan board for what it's worth, and havent been there for over a year
>> No.25727  
maybe it got good again after you left
>> No.25728  

I doubt it. I saw a bit of the video game awards show thing they did and wanted to shoot myself (more than usual anyway)
>> No.25750  
I skimmed through the award show out of curiosity since you mentioned it. I'm glad I'm not wasting my time on that site anymore.
>> No.26471  
File: Jesus fuck.png -(412.4 KB, 874x788) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
>> No.26472  

If that's how he tells stories then I'm glad he got bit
>> No.26484  
Why can't people tell stores without typing in green text anymore?

It makes reading them so unappealing.
>> No.26486  
I thought it was sort of novel at first, like, it was lampooning status updates in video games. But using it to tell stories, Who came up with that shit?
It's not only 4chan though. Twitter forces people to write like retards to fit their tweets inside the symbol limit. And with the advent of rageface comic creators and meme generators, people don't even need text to communicate!
It's probably a jew conspiracy.
>> No.26490  

Because it makes it easier for stupid people to tell stories.

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