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File: Akiha259.jpg -(273.6 KB, 600x762) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
280184 No.21340  
So, my worthless NEET ass needs to get a job, as I can't really sponge off welfare for much longer. I'd like something I can do from home, without going outside as much as possible, but such employment opportunities seem to be few and far between. Most of them look like scams, in fact.

Translating is one thing I wouldn't mind doing, but alas, I, in all my infinite wisdom, didn't continue my studies in French & Japanese during highschool, so that's out.

Anyone got any bright ideas?

Akiha unrelated, obviously.
>> No.21341  
Stop being a lazy piece of shit and get a real job. They aren't that bad.
>> No.21342  
Pick up a programming language and develop some apps for a smartphone OS.

You could also work on commission for things like translation, art, and what not.

Sorry, I'm just a jobless student so I can't help you out much, OP.
>> No.21345  
Forex, programming and web design come to mind. There are remote positions in the business world as well, but you're not likely to get them without credentials/previous job experience.

No, most entry level employment opportunities are that bad. Maybe you are, but not everyone is A-OK with someone else making money from them taking it up the ass for 40+ hours a week. It can be a good experience, but let's not pretend that people just throw wages at you because they feel like it.
>> No.21348  
You could write for a blog. Lots of companies have official blogs and whatnot, and they need people to write them.
Not that well paid, but hey, it's better than being unemployed.

If you just have social anxiety and not agoraphobia or whatever, you could get a job which doesn't require you to meet people. Forestry is cool, but I doubt you are qualified. Delivering newspapers might be a good job though. If you take the routes no one wants you can earn boatloads of cash.
...Or at least in my country you can.
>> No.21349  
Night shift janitor or security guard at a private building. That's what I plan on doing, if I can ever overcome my fears enough to even try getting a job
>> No.21355  
I might have a stay at home job I can offer you, but it depends on the following:

How well you can cook
How you look in a maid uniform
>> No.21357  
>They aren't that bad.

Yes they are, I spent about 7 years working in a couple of different jobs, one year of which I pulled 50 to 60 hours every week, and I'm fucking sick of them. Too many useless coworkers, too many dickhead bosses, too much bullshit in general. Life's too short to spend it all doing shit you hate (ie. working), though if you and the rest of society want to work yourselves into an early grave, you go right ahead, knock yourselves out. Me? I've got better things to do with my time.

I've never been much good with programming, but I suppose I could learn something. Dunno about smartphone OS's, though, I know nothing apart from the fact they exist. Possibly because I'm still living in 2002.
Commision stuff might be a bit tricky, I don't really have much in the way of applicable skills.
Forex is that stock or money trading thing /jp/ was going nuts over a while back, right? Wouldn't that require some sort of startup fund?
I might look into writing blogs, that' sounds easy enough to do.

I was actually considering do night-shift security at one point, even got my Cert. II qualification, but I decided against it. Seemed like a good idea at the time, then one day I woke up and it just wasn't appealing anymore.

I can cook reasonably well, I guess. I don't cook very often because I can't afford anything worth making, but I know how to follow a recipe and figure out if something tastes good or not.
Can't say I've ever tried on a maid uniform, so I don't know how good I'd look. I am skinny though, so if I went on hormones I could maybe make a half-decent trap, if that's what you're into.
Would you like dinner first, a bath, or... me~?
>> No.21358  
There are so many different kinds of jobs that it's foolish to lump them all together.
>> No.21363  
As awesome a job as newspaper delivery is, the pay is utter shit, at least it is over here in the Netherlands. Talking minimum wage and below (you're not paid by the hour, so they can screw you over) here.
>> No.21365  
Over here the route you choose decides your pay, one guy earned maybe $200000 a year delivering newspapers.
But he took several routes, and they also were the shit routes no other deliverers wanted.
>> No.21367  
>$200000 a year
What the fuck, not OP, but sign me up.
>> No.21368  
It's crazy, I know.
But I looked it up again, and it seems that only deliverers with at least ten years of experience get that high of a wage.
>> No.21380  
File: fxloss.jpg -(1640.5 KB, 1903x4155) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
I was sort of in your position awhile ago OP. From when /jp/ used to have money making threads, you can:

Make an ad farm, a site that generates alot of views
Contract programmer and other cs stuff

There are more but I can't seem to remember them. Also, I've already tried forex and don't even bother unless you have spare money to gamble away. I can see how some people can make money off of it but the same could be said about casinos.

Thankfully for me, I'm born rich so I don't have to do anything my whole life but I do receive alot of flak from my family. I just wanted satisfaction of being capable of myself but it was harder than I thought. Oh well, whatever.
>> No.21381  
File: 1220375619191.png -(73.0 KB, 691x950) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Old pic taken from 08 /jp/.
>> No.21384  
Dude, what the fuck are you doing? That's the most basic mistake beginner's make: You're not supposed to buy/sell that often or the transaction fees will screw you over hard. I've never done any investing and even I know this.
>> No.21391  
I was doing alot of things wrong, but that sort of isn't one of them. You are thinking of stocks probably, where the commissions are more expensive I think. I'm not too sure either though. This is actually a technique called "scalping". For my broker, the spreads were low so it was ok to open alot.
>> No.21394  
Go to school and get a job or two, you lazy piece of shit.
>> No.21396  
I suggest getting a depression diagnosis so the government funds your ass. It should work easily for a year or two in Europe, or perhaps you've already done that.

The hassle of getting money from the government pales in comparison to the hassle of making money yourself.
>> No.21405  
But working gives you the satisfaction of being a productive, upstanding member of society!
>> No.21410  
The lewd merchandise I buy with my welfare checks gives me satisfaction too.
>> No.21426  
Akiha is always related.

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