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File: bittersweet.jpg -(899.9 KB, 872x4496) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
921470 No.25737  
Blatant product placement advertising?
In MY anime?
>> No.25739  
Blatantly bad thread?
In MY imageboard?
>> No.25740  
/tc/ is over there --->
>> No.25741  
I don't get it.
>> No.25742  
>> No.25743  
I read Kona as Kony.
>> No.25745  
Oh God, not in here too? Is there no place on the Inertet where people won't talk about Koney, or Konie, or Konami, or whatever his name is?
>> No.25746  
I was actually thinking this shit would never make it to /bun/.
God damn it.
>> No.25751  
If it's that bothersome delete the post. I cleared my cache so I can't do it now.
>> No.25754  
who the fuck is kony?
>> No.25759  
A K-on! fan. They call themselves Konies.
>> No.25764  
I see. Well, I think we've never had any konies here on /bun/ before this.
...I hope it stays this way.
>> No.25768  
He's just messing with you. A Kony is an infamous kind of African war tactician most well-known for their revolutionary utilization of usually neglected potential military resources.
>> No.25769  
What, aids?
>> No.25774  
Kony is a thing that the jewish media is trying to get people to pay attention to so they can sneak by and do something. What, I don't know yet
>> No.25775  
My guess is that the zionists are trying to make Africa into a battlefield so they can steal delicious oil, and also sell K-onie merch to gullible, wanna-be activists.
>> No.25776  
I get immediately suspicious any time the TV news media makes something a top story for a long time, since it only exists anymore to further corporate agendas. Like how they completely ignored SOPA/PIPA until they got shelved, then the top story for a few days was how dead they were (they aren't) in an effort to make people forget about it so they can try another quiet push in a year or so. Jon Stewart did that as well, which is why it's funny people say he's the most trustworthy man in news without a hint of irony.
>> No.25777  

and then there's how they treat Ron Paul. I'm not a delusional idiot who thinks he will save the country (he's a pretty big idiot on most things), but it is funny how the news tries so hard to pretend he doesn't exist. iirc he came in a decent second in one of the primaries but the news still talked about everyone else more. He must have the jews scared about something
>> No.25778  

...which reminds me of this


as soon as he starts talking about Israel the feed cuts out. What a coincidence!
>> No.25783  
Does it really count as product placement when it's a specific type of coffee beans instead of a specific brand?
>> No.25785  
File: fail.jpg -(82.6 KB, 363x380) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
lol, paultards are such crybaby losers.
in your normal homes you are laughably stupid and as such, slightly amusing, but you really don't belong here.
please go back to 4chon.net and take your terminally boring politics posts with you.
>> No.25786  

Yes I love Ron Paul, that's why I called him an idiot. Stunning
>> No.25788  
I think you should go back to /pol/.
>> No.25790  
Ron Paul is a probably racist, crazy idiot, but at least if elected would do something about the ridiculously boring and stagnant political system you have over there. But it doesn't matter who gets selected as the Republican's candidate anyway, they've all burned up all their cash by fighting each other and there's no man the whole party will support.
Easy match for Obama.

Jon Stewart covered the whole everyone-is-ignoring-Ron-Paul-thing at least.
>> No.25792  
>do something about the ridiculously boring and stagnant political system you have over there.
Another bun here. I believe that a better solution would be that both Libertarian and Green party get their shit together and unite as a third pole in USA politics.
>> No.25793  
I've always hated how everyone talks about "changing the system" but no one has the balls to vote third-party.
>> No.25797  

The media treats third party candidates as a joke (if they speak of them at all) so people feel that voting for them is throwing their vote away. The media is what decides who wins things, people are just pawns.
>> No.25798  
I voted for Nader. It wasn't that hard or anything.
>> No.25803  
even the victims of kony hate this shit

>> No.25807  
File: march_of_tyranny.jpg -(159.7 KB, 900x691) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
>Ron Paul is a probably racist, crazy idiot, but at least if elected would do something about the ridiculously boring and stagnant political system you have over there.
Yeah, no. You're very much overestimating the power the president has. The US is a corporatocracy, the choice of president only determines which set of companies have more power. Without the backing of large corporations, presidents can't do anything.

>I've always hated how everyone talks about "changing the system" but no one has the balls to vote third-party.
That's because of the ridiculous way your voting system works. A party needs to get a majority of the votes in an area to get ANY kind of representation in the government. Contrast, for example, the Dutch system, where the main election has 150 seats to distribute and each party gets a number of seats depending on how many votes they get. Our last election had 18 parties to vote on, of which 10 went on to get seats.
>> No.25813  

we also have most of our districts specifically drawn so that one party will always win.


America is so laughably corrupt on every level that I can only hope supporting Israel in the upcoming war they will start will cause the rest of the global community to turn their back on it.
>> No.25814  
a man who wants to ban pornography and condoms and says college is for snobs has a real shot at being president of the united states. that says pretty much everything
>> No.25815  
Pretty much, yeah.
>> No.25816  
Here's the Kony guy's next project

>> No.25822  
>will cause the rest of the global community to turn their back on it.
That won't change anything, at all. It will then just be "everyone hates freedom" or "they hate us because we are right" etc. Happens in pretty much all countries.

The change will come only by internal means. And no, I don't talk about "revolution" or protests that most of the time don't change anything. I'm talking about voters abandoning their apathy. The majority of the people had enough with the current system, they just don't vote to represent those thoughts, or they vote "the lesser of two evils".

The proper voter behavior will be activated only by a massive system failure and even then the first voices will be that of the far-right and far-left (or far-wackos in the "center"). Change is painful but the alternative is eventually a failed state.
>> No.25826  

>That won't change anything, at all

The rest of the world won't march behind the US into failure. The US can fester and become more toxic while the rest of the civilized world actually moves forward
>> No.25827  

Basically, I hope in 20-30 years people look back on the time when people actually looked to the US on anything as a huge mistake.
>> No.25836  
>"the pursuit of life, liberty and happiness sure was a mistake you guys (°⊇°)"
>> No.25868  
>the pursuit of life, liberty and happiness

You are only allowed to do that freely if you are a corporation, which according to the US counts as a person. If you are an average joe and you cross them in any way they will squash you and your "rights" like a bug.
>> No.25877  
>thread is about advertising in anime
>turn into politics shit

guys, what the fuck
>> No.25879  
The moral of the story is that nobody gives a fuck about product placement or politics save for the lowest of scumbags.
>> No.25902  
I think the real moral of the story is... hey look, a squirrel!

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