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190904 No.26049  
>March 29, 2012 -- One in every 88 U.S. children -- and one in 54 boys -- has autism, the CDC now estimates.

>The latest analysis, from a 2008 survey, shows autism is up 23% since 2006 and 78% since 2002. "With nearly a doubling of prevalence since CDC started tracking in 1992, autism is officially becoming an epidemic in the U.S. We are dealing with a national emergency that is in need of a national plan," Mark Roithmayr, president of the advocacy group Autism Speaks, said at a CDC teleconference held to announce the findings.


Well, I guess all those jokes can now be considered offensive right?
>> No.26050  
>Well, I guess all those jokes can now be considered offensive right?
you'd have to be autistic to think that it matters.
>> No.26051  

>> No.26052  
Bullshit, complete and utter bulshit. Autism is not on the rise, psychologists are just more likely to call people autists these days. Unless we're all living in a post-nuclear wasteland or have suddenly turned into a culture that encourages incest, it's simply impossible to have the rates skyrocket as it's 90+% genetic.

>Although evidence for other environmental causes [than agents that cause birth defects] is anecdotal and has not been confirmed by reliable studies,[7] extensive searches are underway.[68] Environmental factors that have been claimed to contribute to or exacerbate autism, or may be important in future research, include certain foods, infectious disease, heavy metals, solvents, diesel exhaust, PCBs, phthalates and phenols used in plastic products, pesticides, brominated flame retardants, alcohol, smoking, illicit drugs, vaccines,[11] and prenatal stress,[69] although no links have been found, and some have been completely disproven.

Then again, psychology and especially the autism spectrum is largely bullshit anyways. They lump a set of very generic symptoms together and diagnose anyone who fits a number of the symptoms, leading to people with very clearly completely different disorders being lumped together under the same 'disorder', and pretend they understand what the disorder is like. And then idiots who have no idea how much of it is bullshit actually believe all of it and make assumptions based on that misinformation, assuming because person X does Y which fits with autism that also mean he does Z, which is simply complete and utter bullshit.
>> No.26056  
I have absolutely no idea how legit this is, but:
>Online portals like Orkut, Friendster, Tribe.Net, MySpace, Nerve, and Craigslist which foster the illusion of value by belonging to privatized, incestuous "communities" are inbreeding a new generation of individuals with genetic markings nearly identical to those of autism
>As long as men and women continue to meet online based exclusively on shared interests, the mental stability of future generations remains in grave peril
>> No.26057  
>that picture

It's a shame CWC is probably going to jail next week. He may very well be the only person more pathetic than myself (not by much)
>> No.26059  
Autism flowchart:

1. Are you a social butterfly?

1a) Yes.
- Congratulations, you're fine!

1b) No.
>> No.26076  
>CWC is probably going to jail next week
What, why? He seems fairly docile and harmless. Did some law, which makes being a total autistic creep illegal, get passed in the states?
>> No.26077  

He and his mother almost ran over the manager of a video game store he was banned from (tresspassing and assault), they hit a car in the parking lot and drove off (felony fail to stop), and his mother attacked a cop when he came to arrest cwc.
>> No.26082  
That's neither docile nor harmless!
>> No.26123  

It wasn't that bad.Barb(his mom) was the one who took him back to the store since apparently he was in a depressed funk since his dad died.
He saw a sign under new management and thought he could come back in.He went in and the old guy was still there.Chris snapped a picture and yelled"for the internet" and ran out.The guy followed them and Barb hit him in the car and then left,she was the one driving.

Chris will probably be put in a home.Barb will probably go to jail though.
>> No.26163  

The only 2 possible explanations for something like this:
>oink oink-ugly
>> No.26195  

I'm hearing on the wire that the tresspass and assault charges got dropped, but the felony charges are going to a grand jury at a later date. I guess CWC will stick around a little longer

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