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File: 07233ef32197c83550b187b0f2e3deae.jpg -(107.8 KB, 850x881) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
110357 No.42314  
This thread has no subject.
>> No.42316  
There is no way she can hover over the other like that.
>> No.42318  

She's in the middle of diving onto their throat with the knife
>> No.42321  
File: 9113492101_bcc4c3a712_b.jpg -(216.9 KB, 1024x576) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Why did you start this thread?
>> No.42375  
Why not?
>> No.42392  
/photos/ is the last bastion for sage propagators.
>> No.42393  
Let me rephrase my question. What is the purpose of this thread?
>> No.42441  
This thread has no purpose.
>> No.42545  
>> No.44734  

Two helpful websites dealing with financial advice and investing.The first is more genral advice while the second is concerned with stocks which yield the highest dividends.
>> No.44762  
I wish I had a cute bipolar Catholic schoolgirl lesbian girlfriend.
>> No.44787  
Doesn't everyone?
>> No.44900  

Apparently,if you are a gaijin you can buy something like a 4chan pass and post on 2ch.I'm somewhat considering this.
>> No.44911  

Chapter 8 of the manga 12 Beast as raws,in case anyone here wants to read,and the scanlators are the laziest fucks on the planet.
>> No.44914  
Thanks, but I can wait.
>> No.44915  

Nick Clegg just said that IPs weren't effective enough at tracking people, so he wants people assigned a permanent static IP tied to themselves personally.
This man is the head of Britain's 'Liberal Democrat' party.

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