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File: realplayer-2013-12-10-23h43m10s0.png -(283.7 KB, 640x480) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
290512 No.43717  
the GJ-bu OVA were pretty much excellent. a touch maudlin at the end maybe, but top quality stuff.

anyway, i know that i'm not supposed to start a whole new thread for something like this, but i didn't feel like digging throughout the board's pages until i found the right thread so i set a memorable deletion passwd and i'll just go ahead and delete this thread once it gets a few replies or after a few days cause by then i can be pretty sure most of the ppl here would have seen the thread.
>> No.43719  
What an ugly art style.
>> No.43720  
What are the best subs to use for the special? I used HS for the series so I don't know who else did it
>> No.43727  
"General threads" are a terrible idea anyway, make whatever threads you like.
>> No.43728  
>> No.43747  
I thought it was really bland but it had all the cute girls in it so w/e
>> No.43752  
File: 5fe38a9e4ce1d6bf2697da4d041fb8e3[1].png -(370.3 KB, 648x864) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
You should have made this thread on /general/, it's the point of that board.
>> No.43762  
I seriously hope we don't have any crossies from /general/ on this board.
>> No.43827  
I don't like your attitude. Everyone here is a bunbun, love each other equally.
>> No.43833  
Some bunbuns are loved more equally than others

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