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285467 No.58387  
How was your day today, /bun/?
>> No.58388  
>> No.58389  
I'm going to pretend I'll do my best today but instead I'll just slack off and waste another day.
>> No.58390  
I prepared a batch of curry today! I wish I had some meat to put in it, but mango worked out OK. Yum.
>> No.58391  
I took it easy today, just like every other day.
>> No.58392  
I've had worse
>> No.58394  
Pretty good.
>> No.58398  
are we still talking about the 12th or is the "today" in OP a variable?
>> No.58403  
It can be a variable if you want it to be.
>> No.58514  
>>58398 What were you doing on the 12th of February, 2019? Are there any witnesses who can attest to your behaviour?

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