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File: Anonymous Jones at his computer.jpg -(200.2 KB, 900x675) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
205023 No.8141  
>> No.8142  
>Anonymous Jones at his computer
>> No.8143  
Ah, his room is so neat. How envious.
>> No.8144  
Why are image filenames shown on /genera/ but not on/photos/?
>> No.8145  
Every board must be unique!
>> No.8147  
How can anyone like Haruhi and Lucky Star this much?
>> No.8148  
Because /project/ should now be viewable from the top bar.
>> No.8149  
>> No.8151  
File: jj.jpg -(107.6 KB, 1291x456) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Funny thing is, I actually found pictures of Jones.
>> No.8153  
Stop talking about yourself, Jones. No one cares.
>> No.8154  
Eh? The only thing Lucky Star-related is his wallpaper on one monitor. Why not ask how can anyone like Gurren Lagann and Shana so much seeing as they both have two items in the image.

And the answer to those questions would be because they do. Do you always ask such silly questions?
>> No.8156  
Hes actually a half-way decent dude with red hair. Mostly they end up as pale squinting lardasses.
>> No.8159  
>> No.8183  
Are you trying to say that he isn't a pale squinting lardass?
>> No.8204  
I don't know what the guy looks like in real life, but that guy in the photo dones't look like a lardass to me. I would say he looks like he's in the early stages of bulking. That layer of fat is what sustains the growth of muscle underneath

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