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Just a question, what do you americans use as a first-year calculus textbook? How about for linear algebra?
>> No.8176  
Cmon someone help me out here
>> No.8178  
It varies wildly based on professor.
>> No.8179  
MATH 231 [31] Calculus of Functions of One Variable I (3). Prerequisite, a grade of C- or higher in MATH 130 [30] or placement by the department. Limits, derivatives, and integrals of functions of one variable.

Spring 2010 @ UNC / Math 231 001 Calculus Early Trascendentals Text + Enhanced Webassign $158.00 (ISBN: 9781111086701)

MATH 110 [10] Algebra (3). Prerequisite, placement by achievement test. Provides one semester review of the basics of algebra. Basic algebraic expressions, functions, exponents, and logarithms are included with an emphasis on problem solving. The course should not be taken by those with a suitable score on the achievement test.

Spring 2010 @ UNC / Math 110 001 Math 110 Custom Publication Corrected Printing $57.86 (ISBN: 9780757538070) / My Math Coach: College Algebra $82.14 (ISBN: 9780757547065).

I only listed the required texts and not the optional ones. If those aren't the courses you are looking for, check here: http://summer.unc.edu/courseofferings/document.2005-12-12.8260941258/

I'll look up the text requirement it.

That said, back when I took Calculus (MATH 231), I used the James Steward Calculus Concepts & Contexts 3 so it has changed a bit. See here: http://www.amazon.com/Calculus-Concepts-Enriching-Interactive-Skillbuilder/dp/0534409865

That said, there has been a movement in the university to reuse books for as long as possible to cut costs for students.
>> No.8180  
Ah, I forgot the first bit of my comment when I was formatting. >>8178 is right. It's the professor that chooses that text used so it's highly dependent on them.
>> No.8181  
I used Stewart's Early Transcendentals text for Calc 1, 2, 3, and I'm using Lay's Linear Algebra and Its Applications for linear algebra this semester.
Stewart's book was good, very helpful in Calc 2 (the hardest math course I have yet to take). Lay's book doesn't really impress me, but it's not like I really have to even read it beyond doing a few exercises since linear algebra is the easiest math course since algebraic structures.

I find that having the solutions manual is very helpful for textbooks in general, just as an aside.
Really, if your teacher is any good, all you'll be using the text for is a quick reference and a bank of practice problems.

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