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Anyone else have real trouble writing essays? It's like I'm completely incapable of moving on to the next sentence before my previous one is perfect, so if I get stuck it can be a several day project to try and finish.
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I'm the same way! Everything has to be a perfectly linear progression or it won't flow. If I were to second-guess myself, I wouldn't ever get anywhere.

I'm not so much of a perfectionist that I'll spend days on a single line, though, so I usually just type what comes to mind until it stops coming to mind and have faith in my ability to shit gold.
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Writing them in plain text editors like Q10 or Notepad usually help me. There's no spell check or formatting issues to distract you, so your writing goes smoother. Also, it helps to use placeholders; if you can't think of anything, leave a small summary or note of what you plan to write and move on. Eliminating distractions by going full-screen and disconnecting your Internet helps sometimes too.

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