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Nintendo Power held a constant, where the winner would get their own very secret room in The Legend of Zelda, a Link to the Past. The winner was Chris Houlihan, and such, the Chris Houlihan Room was added into the American release.

The intended method for reaching it is to load a save game in the light world, start at the sanctuary, then run to the castle and drop into the secret entrance you use at the start of the game as fast as possible.

People also found other method that were a bit more random. Eventually, the trick was found out. The room wasn't just a secret area, it was a fail-safe for when the player dropped into a hole and the game couldn't determine where to place him.

There was a bug in the original Japanese release where players would sometimes fall into a hole and the game would freeze. By telling the game to drop the player in the Chris Houlihan Room if it couldn't determine where to drop the player, they made a pseudo bug fix.

This "fix" was later added into the Japanese revisions as the "Top Secret Room," and later remakes of the American version would have the room's name changed to this as well.
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You mean contest, right?
>> No.8925  
Perhaps I'm mistaken, but wasn't that room removed from the GBA remake?
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In German musical nomenclature, there is a "H" note. It replaces B natural, and B flat becomes B.

For example, the C major scale goes: C D E F G A H C

Why would they do this?
>> No.8939  
I think so.

For a unrelated question, there's no way to remove Tewi White I'm guessing?
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Upper right. Newfag.
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The title will wear off eventually.
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Heh, I'm joking.

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