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312773 No.8937  
Alright, I need some help from the 90s anime crowd.
Last night I had a dream about an old show I saw back in the day on Sci-Fi (The Britfag one) and I can't for the life of me remember the name of it.
It starts with this team of about 5 people arriving at this slightly old style town for some reason (I believe they are were kind of mercenary group or something) and they end up staying at this large mansion-esque hotel.
Anyway, one of the female members (who I think was the main protagonist) keeps having visions/getting visited in the night by a giant black cat, like a panther or something (she also has a dream about it killing her, I think). I remember at one point she ended chasing it over the rooftops.
Don't remember much else, besides the fact that the whole town turns into zombies or something similar and they end up fighting them off, a few of the team die I seem to remember (one guy was really fond of explosions, I seem to remember, I think he dies.)
Any idea of which show I'm thinking of?
>> No.8938  
And it's not Gatchman or anything bright and flashy like that.
It was pretty gritty and realistic (well, you know what I mean) and had a fair amount of gore.
>> No.8942  
Lily C.A.T?
>> No.8951  
It isn't, but that's close.
>> No.8976  
Looks like I'm going to have to buy a VCR player and go through all my old tapes.
Fuck yeah.
>> No.9145  
For anyone interested, I dug out a VCR player and found the show: it was called GoShogun: The Time √Čtranger.

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